StartLogic is a reseller of iPowerWeb and a dominant player on the web hosting market that has been offering state-of-the-art hosting solutions to businesses across the globe. The reliability of their hosting solutions is well known and thousands of businesses so far internationally have harnessed their sophisticated easy-to-use hosting solutions as well as award-winning customer support to launch their business websites on the web.

The company offers a wide range of hosting services for individual websites such as webmasters and small businesses, as well as governmental and educational sector organizations. These include:

  • Web Hosting services for their customers websites and other crucial data.
  • Hosting solutions with shopping cart capability which allows the sending of merchandise online.
  • Highly sophisticated data encryption techniques to enhance the security of their customers data.
  • Website marketing solutions enabling their customers to increase the reach of their services.


The ideology of StartLogic that has taken their business to new heights is the development of strong relationships with their customers by understanding their requirements, preferences as well as expectations. They insist on providing immediate, reliable and valuable service to their customers because they know that this will raise the level of satisfaction of their customers. They are also dedicated to continue to improve upon their services by changing according to their customers requirements and offering sophisticated technologies as well as versatile hosting and e-commerce products of international quality at the lowest possible price.


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Website Administration - Control Panel

Since StartLogic is a reseller of iPowerweb, it uses the vDeck control. VDeck is simple to use as compared to other control panels and it is also the most functional and versatile website managers on the Internet today. The panel is jampacked with tutorials, walk-thrus and a help center thus allowing you to manage every aspect of your web site. If you want to build a website or install CGI, PHP or Java scripts, vDeck control panel is the simplest and the most comprehensive one to do this. The panel is very user-friendly and the entire procedure of configuring and organizing a web site is remarkably simple.


Packages Offered

The company offers many hosting types including Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.


Shared Hosting

StartLogic's Shared Hosting plans include Linux based Pro Logic and Windows based Windows Logic.

Pro Logic
Disk Space 35,000 MB (35 GB)
Web Traffic Transfer 750 GB
Free Domain Yes
Domains Hosted 10
MySQL Databases 25
E-Mail Accounts unlimited
Control Panel VDECK 2.0
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $6.95 /month!
Free Setup Yes


Windows Logic
Disk Space 2000 MB (2 GB)
Web Traffic Transfer 60 GB
Free Domain Yes
MySQL Databases 5
E-Mail Accounts unlimited
Control Panel VDECK 2.0
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $9.95 /month
Free Setup Yes


VPS Hosting

StartLogic offers 3 VPS Hosting plans namely VPSLOGIC, VPSLOGIC PRO and VPSLOGIC PREMIUM.

Disk Space 20 GB
Data Transfer 1000 GB (1 TB)
Memory Burstable up to 1 GB
Virtuozzo Power Panel (VZPP) Yes
Plesk 8.0 Yes
Domains Hosted unlimited
Intl Domain Names Yes
POP3 Email Accounts / Web Based unlimited
Forwarding Accounts unlimited
Auto responders unlimited
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $29.95 /month
Free Setup Yes


Dedicated Hosting

StartLogic offers a wide range of Dedicated Hosting packages including CELERON PLANS, AMD ATHLON PLANS, PENTIUM 4 PLANS and DUAL XEON PLANS.

CPU 2.8 GHz Celeron
Disk 80 GB SATA
RAM 512 MB
Bandwidth 1500 GB
Operating Systems RedHat Linux / Windows
Support 24/7 Phone Support
Price $99 /month


Features vs. Cost Analysis

Despite being a reseller of iPowerWeb, the packages of the company are enormously feature-rich as compared to those of IPowerWeb. You get 35 GB of disk space and a huge 750 GB of transfer for only $5.95 per month which is perhaps the lowest price charged for a 1 year sign up. Setup fee is also waived if you purchase the package for a 1 year term. Their packages include the vDeck control panel which is one of the most functional and versatile web site managers on the Internet. As regards website building and marketing, StartLogic once again has an edge over IPowerWeb. They offer a comprehensive marketing guide with more than 500 pages and a web site builder which includes professional web templates, logo and web page editor and publishing program.


Customer Support Channels

StartLogic has an excellent support system including a toll-free number 1-800-725-8064, e-mail support, detailed FAQ and a huge knowledgebase. Their support system has been adopted from IPowerWeb since they are their independent resellers. The company's e-mail support doesn't seem to be as receptive as the toll-free support which can direct the call to the concerned department as required and is the quickest way of getting a hold of their support team.

The first place you should resort to for getting a solution to your problem is their trouble shooter section which tackles issues related to FTP, browser and e-mail. If that doesn't address the problem, then the knowledgebase should be consulted. If you decide to contact them directly by e-mailing them, the company's support system is smart in that the keywords of your query are matched to their knowledgebase and the possible answer is displayed before your question is submitted to them. This helps resolve problems quickly because you don't need to contact them in case you get your answer from the knowledgebase.


Money Back Guarantee

Everyone at StartLogic is fully committed to your complete satisfaction. Thousands of businesses, from all over the World, rely on their advanced, easy-to-use, reliable hosting solutions and award winning customer service to power their online presence.

The company is so confident that you will be fully satisfied with your hosting package with them that they will refund 100% of your unused hosting service, "No-Questions-Asked".

How can they make this incredible guarantee? Every Team Member at the company is committed to providing you with the best customer service in the industry, backed by rock solid technology, 24x7 Toll Free Technical Support and their 99.9% uptime guarantee and you will see why they have earned one of the best reputations in the industry.


Speed & Reliability

As already mentioned, StartLogic is a reseller of IPowerWeb whose servers seem to be above average as regards the speed and reliability in comparison with the other web hosting companies. This is because IPowerWeb runs four state-of-the-art data centers which are monitored 24 hours a day by their highly skilled network engineers thereby ensuring the highest security and uptime for their customers' servers. This is also endorsed by the fact that they use best of breed equipment like Dell™ PowerEdge and HP ProLiant™ Servers, Cisco™ & Foundry™ Firewalls and Routers and premium bandwidth through their partnership with AT&T and Cable & Wireless.



StartLogic is a relatively new host but its popularity is increasing day by day. They are independent resellers of iPowerWeb with certain added features included in their packages. Like many other web hosting companies, the reviewed web host also offers a 30 day moneyback guarantee. Their ProLogic plan is ample for many web sites and costs only $5.95 per month. Their cheapest dedicated server plan costs $99 per month and is an ideal choice for large companies. The company is a great choice for anyone looking for reliable and affordable web hosting. Sign up today!


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