Omnis Network has been offering affordable hosting solutions since 1999 and they have managed to acquire a significant portion of the web hosting market over the past 13 years. Currently, they are providing services to around 400,000 domains across the globe. Their recent innovation is the introduction of cloud hosting services which has given them a significant competitive edge over other companies offering hosting solutions in the same price range. Plus they also offer domain name registration services and are an ICANN accredited registrar, so you don't have to worry about getting your domain registered with another provider. Their slogan goes "Enjoy the flexibility of cloud web hosting without sacrificing reliability".

Some quick facts about Omnis Network are as follows:

  • more than 10 years of experience in web hosting
  • recent introduction of cloud hosting state-of-the-art standard
  • rated "Perfect" by the Better Business Bureau
  • certified by CNET
  • ICANN accredited registrar
  • do not outsource but instead provide all support locally
  • provide McAfee Secure
  • provide GeoTrust SSL security


Omnis Network is a web hosting company with a consistently positive credit rating and is a very attractive enterprise for IT professionals and hardware engineers looking to enhance their careers. They have a large pool of employees that has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years as they continue to expand their services. They are strongly opposed to overselling and believe that an expansion of their customer base should be directly proportional to an expansion of their hardware infrastructure as well as the strength of the support staff employed by them. Because of their highly professional approach towards web hosting, they have received numerous awards along with consistently good ratings and reviews by webmaster community over the World Wide Web.


Disclaimer: The editorial review of Omnis Network may not be reflective of its current ranking on WHL. The quality of the host may have improved or deteriorated since it was reviewed. To find out the latest user ratings and reviews, please read Omnis Network user ratings and reviews.


Website Administration - Control Panel

Omnis Network offers a custom control panel referred to as the "Account Manager". The control panel boasts an easy to use and user-friendly interface. The control panel is divided into six sections namely "General Information", "E-mail Management", "Website Tools and Information", "Website Settings", "Domain Name Management", and "Website Marketing and Design". The "General Information" section has a variety of links including News, Messages, Contact Information, User Information, Credit Cards, Summary of Accounts, and Link Accounts. These can be used by the user to update account information as well as communicate with the hosting company.

The "E-mail Management" section includes SpamAssassin which is a state-of-the-art tool for combating spam. The Website Tools and Information section includes links such as Account Info, Billing Statement, File Manager, Disk Space Usage, Bandwidth Usage, File Permissions, Password Site Access, URL Redirects, and Error Documents. The "Website Settings" section includes links such as FrontPage, SSL, MySQL Manager, Streaming Media, Hosted Domains, DSN editor, PHP Settings, Web Stats and Logs, and FTP Users.

The "Domain Name Management" section includes links such as Domain Info, Billing Statement, Renew Domain, Modify Name Servers, Host Servers, Manage DNS, URL Forwarding, Lock Domain, and Privacy Protection. Finally the "Website Marketing and Design" section includes links such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Marketing, Professional Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Site Builder, Install Popular Scripts, Use our Scripts, Website Templates, and Google Site Maps. To sum up, the control panel offered by Omnis Network is jampacked with features and in no way does it lag behind the standard control panels such as CPanel and vDeck offered by other web hosting companies.


Packages Offered

Omnis Network offers an all-in-one cloud web hosting package that is available on both Linux as well as Windows platform.

Package Summary
Free Domain Name Yes (with 1-Year Sign up)
Web Based File Manager Yes
99.9% Uptime Guarantee Yes
Disk Space Unlimited
Data Transfer Unlimited
Domains Hosted Unlimited
Domain Aliases Unlimited
Sub domains Unlimited
Free Site Builder Yes (Limited to 3 Pages)
MySQL Databases Unlimited
E-Mail Accounts Unlimited
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) Linux: $6.95 /month!    Windows: $8.95 /month!
Free Setup Yes


Features vs. Cost Analysis

Omnis Network appears to be very attractive in terms of cost versus features when compared against the other major companies. Cloud web hosting is a new standard in hosting technology and there are very few companies out there that offer this groundbreaking hosting platform. And the best thing is that it is cheaper than the conventional hosting infrastructure offered by a great multitude of other providers. The Linux-based cloud hosting plan does not limit any of the features important for hosting such as disk space, data transfer, e-mail accounts, MySQL databases etc. And it comes for only $6.95 per month with a 1-year sign up, which is definitely a deal. The Windows-based cloud hosting plan is not expensive either. A glimpse at the other major companies reveals that the price of $8.95 per month is not uncommon even for Linux-based plans. As a matter of fact, we could not find any other major provider that offers Windows-based hosting for this price.


Customer Support Channels

Omnis Network have their office located in Torrance, California. They have a full technical support department with highly trained service specialists, and on-site administrators with more than ten years of hands-on experience. Their support department has been trained with one goal in mind, which is to help you, their customer, to quickly register, create, and maintain a web site that is customized to your individual needs. They are proud of this customer-centered approach of theirs and they promise their prospective as well as existing customers that they will never compromise on this. Their support channels include 24x7 in-house phone support, live chat, and email support. With your website hosted with them, you can have the peace of mind that you will not encounter any problems in the first place. And in the unlikely event that a problem does occur, rest assured that there will be someone at Omnis Network who will make sure that it gets resolved as quickly as possible. Since they do not outsource customer support, there is literally no delay in getting quality support.


Speed & Reliability

Omnis Network owns and operates a datacenter in Torrance, California. The network connections to their data center are managed by One Wilshire in Los Angeles California, which is the undisputed main hub of the internet for the entire Pacific Rim. It is often quoted as the most connected building on the west coast of the United States. Their premium connectivity translates into an extremely fast as well as reliable network. Plus instead of renting the equipment, they own and operate all the equipment present in their secure data center. On top of this, they also deploy Cisco networking which results in optimal reliability. Furthermore, they do also have diverse DNS locations, which greatly increases the responsiveness of your website in that if one domain name server fails, there is another one in place ready to translate your website address.



Omnis Network has been operating on the scene since 1999 and this alone is a testimony to the fact that they are by no means a fly-by-night business. During this whole time, they have consistently grown into one of the most respected IT company in the United States and abroad. The reason for their popularity is twofold, namely that they continue to innovate and that they always take a customer-centered approach to web hosting. The company is highly recommended to both novices who are seeking to launch an online presence as well as web designers and developers looking for the ultimate in power and reliability. Sign up today!


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