Network Solutions was founded in 1979, and since then the company has seen a phenomenal evolution. They started as a small systems integration engineering company and today have become a leader in providing web services. During that time, their creative and hard-working employees made it possible for the common Internet user to disentangle from the limitations of the physical world and bring about a revolution in their life with a new approach to commerce. They have been constantly focusing on small to medium-sized businesses, in order to enable them to compete with giant businesses.

One of the best attributes a web services company can have is the ability to learn from their mistakes in the past. Network Solutions recognizes that despite the fact they have been striving to help their customers to the maximum possible extent, their intention might not always have translated into the ultimate goal, which is complete customer satisfaction. Consequently, they are extremely mindful of the mistakes they might have committed in the past and have always made the most of those mistakes in order to improve their service in the future.

Over time, Network Solutions has used its experience and knowledge as the building blocks of its business owing to which they are confident that they can help small to medium-sized businesses succeed online no matter what the circumstances are. They have always used their own transformation to inspire their future clients and make them believe that they can also make their dreams of entrepreneurship and financial independence come true. Millions of customers across the globe harness the services of the company every single day and they have been striving constantly to improve upon their customer service. They are proud of serving their customers to the highest level of service possible and they are highly optimistic about their own future as well as the future of their clients.



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Why Choose NetworkSolutions?

When it comes to the Internet, there may be plenty of prospective customers who would say "we've seen it all". But Network Solutions have been a part of the evolution and have witnessed the tremendous growth of the Internet which has turned it into a monster of information in today's world.

Their customer support representatives are well-versed in handling any type of queries and are available 24/7 to help you. The company is eager to take your online business to new heights and is willing to go the extra mile in order to achieve this goal. They want to enable their customers to stay on top of the game by sharing their experience and knowledge with them.

Knowledge is the key to success, there is no doubt about this. The more knowledgeable you are, the greater the likelihood that you will succeed in your online venture. In order to enhance the knowledge of their prospective clients about web services, the company has created an Education Center where prospective and existing customers can read articles, view solutions guides, attend regular webinars, as well as watch informational videos.

The company is always eager to bring about a change in the life of their customers by means of innovation. Are you unable to decide on the ideal domain name for your site? With Network Solutions, the job has gotten just easier. A new product DomainStorm™ has recently been created which makes it extremely easy to find and register available domains from your iPhone®. All you need to do is type in a few keywords and shake your phone. This is equivalent to spinning the domain suggestion wheel which results in the available domains appearing within an instant. DomainStorm™ can be downloaded for free from the iTunes® App Store.


Website Administration - Control Panel

Being a web hosting provider of gigantic size, Network Solutions offers its own custom-developed control panel. As opposed to the CPanel control panel (which has become the industry standard for effective website management) offered by the majority of hosting companies, the control panel developed by them is a very smart one. It not only boasts a beautifully designed user interface but also has all the functions needed for day-to-day management of website chores.

The review editor found that there were plenty of applications that could be installed with a single click only, similar to what is offered by the other mega web hosting companies. Located under the "open source library" caption within the control panel, a variety of the applications offered by the company can be found that can be installed with a single click. The whole process was tested by installing a WordPress application (in order to launch a new blog). The process included a few steps such as entering the username, password, and finally checking the "agree to the terms" button. Although the processing time was shown to be 10 min. after the whole procedure was followed, it only took a few more minutes. The best thing that the editor found about the company was that after the WordPress blog was ready to be used, there was no forced advertising or branding on the blog as opposed to some of the other big hosting companies.

The administration of the databases was also checked from within the control panel and it was found that all those created manually could be managed through PHP My Admin. The selection of the database name was however found to be a bit restrictive in that the name should be unique not only from the customer's account point of view but also with regards to the whole system. Although there can be no argument for or against it, the editor did not find it to be a very good idea. What this means for Network Solutions is that the servers that they are using for hosting the databases are different from the ones that are used to host the websites. However, overall the control panel was extremely user-friendly and was found to easily rival the more popular CPanel and in some cases even outperform it.


Features vs. Cost Analysis

The services offered by Network Solutions are not limited to web hosting only, in fact there is an array of services offered by this provider. These include domain names, websites, hosting, e-mail, e-commerce, SSL certificates, online marketing, web design services, and mobile site services. The aim of the editor here however is to review only the hosting packages. Within the hosting category alone, there are four different types of hosting being offered including Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, SharePoint hosting, and VPS hosting. This review discusses only the Shared hosting packages.

Basically, there are three different plans offered by the company under the category of Shared hosting, namely Small, Large, and Unlimited. An in-depth comparison of the different plans can be found here, which is very much clear and is easy for even a novice to understand. Although there are some similarities between the shared hosting plans, there are plenty of differences too. As opposed to the unlimited space and bandwidth offered by the other big hosting companies in their entry-level plans, the Small plan offered by Network Solutions does not boast unlimited space and data transfer. It offers 300 GB of disk space and 3000 GB of bandwidth. Although these figures are way too much to be exceeded by an average user, one may still be attracted to other web host offering unlimited space and data transfer. On top of this, the plan is also quite expensive as compared to the other major hosting companies ($9.29 per month as compared to the average of $5-$8 per month). However, currently this plan is being offered at a discount price of $4.65 per month which makes it quite attractive. And most users would agree that the 300 GB and 3000 GB figures are almost as good as the unlimited offering.

The space offered on the Large and Unlimited plans is 500 GB and unlimited respectively, whereas the bandwidth is 5000 GB and unlimited respectively. There is a single free domain available on the first two plans, whereas the unlimited plan offers three free domain names. The number of domain pointers is 100 for each of the above-mentioned plans. The total number of domains that can be hosted on a single account is 3, 5, and 10 respectively for the above-mentioned plans. The number of e-mail boxes offered on the Small, Large, and Unlimited plan is 1000, 2500, and Unlimited respectively. The number of FTP accounts offered is 25, 50, and Unlimited respectively, while the rest of the basic features are the same for all three plans. To monitor website statistics, AWStats is provided on all plans which is one of the best stats software available on the web.

As far as the advanced features are concerned (Website Development and Application & Database), all the latest scripting technologies such as Ruby on rails, PHP 5, Zend libraries, Python, JSP, and.NET are available on all three plans, with the exception of JSP which is available only on the Unlimited plan. The ColdFusion functionality is restricted to the Unlimited plan as well and is available only on the Windows platform. Network Solutions offers not only MySQL database, but also MS Access and MS SQL, the latter two being offered only on the Windows platform. The number of MySQL databases offered on the Small, Large, and Unlimited plans is 25, 50, and unlimited respectively. The number of MS Access databases is 5, 7, and 10 respectively while the number of MS SQL databases is 2, 3 and 5 respectively. The editor has concluded that compared with the other major web hosting providers, the plans offered by the reviewed host were quite expensive before. However, at the current discount price, all three plans are very very attractive considering the quality of the company.


Customer Support Channels

Network Solutions is the recipient of several awards for the quality of its customer service department. The awards were bestowed upon the company in the years 2006-2008 by J.D. Power and Associates. In view of the awards that the company has won so far, the editor was expecting to receive exceptional customer support. The editor contacted the customer services department on Tuesday at 11 PM. The query pertained to the size of each e-mail inbox and the databases offered by the company. What the editor wanted to know was whether the limits applied to each and every mailbox or database or if it was the overall limit imposed. The support representative seemed to be very knowledgeable and after verifying the editor's account information, give a reply that was very satisfactory.

It was also found that this was not the case with each and every single representative that worked at the company. Some representatives appeared to be struggling when asked even the most basic questions in that they had to reference the relative information and then give the response to the customer, which took quite some time. The editor also found that the response of Network Solutions to telephone queries was quite fast, and in most cases it took only a few minutes to get the matter resolved. There is also an alternative method of customer support which is via e-mail available through a web-based form. Despite spending a considerable amount of time, the editor was unable to find a live chat support on their website. However, given the responsiveness of the phone support, one may not need to use the alternative contact methods.



The hosting packages offered by Network Solutions are suitable not only for novices, but also for professionals who are well versed with the different web hosting technologies. On top of this, the customer support department at the company is also top-notch. However, they are in general a bit expensive as compared with the other mega hosting companies out there. Nevertheless, their current discount offering on all three shared hosting plans is quite attractive, so it is better to take advantage of the offer given the quality of the reviewed web host and the fact that the offer may not last for a long time. Sign up today!


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