NetFirms is a well-established premium hosting provider offering quality hosting solutions and online services to thriving businesses ranging from small to medium size, as well as individuals including entrepreneurs and small-scale users across the globe. More than 1.2 million websites depend on them for achieving success in online business every single day. Their business is built on the 3 strong principles of dependability, quality, and trust and its purely because of following these principles that they have emerged as one of the largest, most trustworthy and top-rated web hosting companies in the world.

The company started offering its premium hosting products and online services almost 10 years ago, which was truly an innovation because there were very few companies offering hosting products at such affordable prices. They have experienced an exponential growth since then and they continue to flourish and expand because of maintaining their focus on the fundamental principles of their business. Today, the NetFirms brand has become a symbol of quality and their recognition is further enhanced due to partnerships with industry-leaders in online technologies such as Google, Microsoft and NetObjects.

The company is distinguished from other web hosts in that it is an innovator in the field of affordable hosting solutions. Millions of web pages accessed with blazing speed and zero downtime every day are proof to the fact that they are truly a top-notch web hosting provider and are fully aware of their responsibility to come to the expectations of their customers. Because of deploying state-of-the-art equipment and technology, they are able to keep up the fundamental standards which are the backbone of their web hosting business.

Netfirm's network infrastructure is one of its own kind and relies on a multi-server, clustered hosting platform owing to which the job of loading the customer's website is distributed over mutiple servers instead of a single server. This clustered approach results in an amazingly fast access time which guarantees instant site availability and also literally reduces the downtime to zero. This clustered hosting platform has been acting as a major factor behind the success of other dominant players within the industry, however it is available from NetFirms at a much lower price as compared to its competitors.


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The Netfirms Difference - Clustered Technology

The use of clustered servers distinguishes NetFirms from the numerous other web hosting providers and ranks it among the technology leaders. This is the same topology which is used by giant businesses to weed out reliance on a single server to serve a website's pages. Because of this configuration, the seek time is extremely small, the site becomes available instantly and simultaneous access is facilitated.

The cluster based approach to web serving makes the company stand way ahead of its competitors. Since there is a pool of servers ready to take the request coming to a web site from the browser, so there is literally zero possibility of the request not being fulfilled because one of the assigned servers will definitely respond to the request. Secondly, if the server that fulfilled the request initially goes down, another server from the pool will pick up the job from the point it was left unattended and so on.

To cure any problems that the network infrastructure might face, the company has deployed a state-of-the-art centralized system which monitors the health of the system on a continual basis. Netfirms is linked via a direct link to Telus/Genuity which ranks among the largest global IP networks. This ensures that there will be abundant bandwidth available to the customer's website for super-fast downloading and uploading. Furthermore, the use of a drive architecture guarantees the maximum level of safety for the site's data alongwith enhancing the performance.


Website Administration - Control Panel

NetFirms offers a customized control panel which is easy to use and give their clients access to billing and website account tools. Features such as e-mail accounts, domain name manager, MySQL databases and NetObjects Fusion 7 can be managed through the control panel. The panel also has a sophisticated website statistics and bandwidth usage function.


Packages Offered

The company offers Linux/Windows Hosting, Ecommerce Hosting, Enterprise Hosting and Reseller Hosting plans.


Linux / Windows Hosting

NetFirms is different from the other web hosts in that it offers shared web hosting on both Linux and Windows platforms at the same price. Their Linux/Windows Hosting plans include Plus, Advantage and Business. A summary of Plus, their most popular plan is as follows.

Disk Space 10 GB
Bandwidth 500 GB
Domains Hosted 1
E-Mail Accounts 10
MySQL Databases 1
Domain Forwarding Yes
Sub-Domains Yes
Marketing Package Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $4.95 /month!
Free Setup Yes


Ecommerce Hosting

NetFirms offers Ecommerce Hosting by the name of Commerce Pro™ which is available on their Advantage, Business and Enterprise plans. A summary of Advantage, their starter Ecommerce Hosting plan is as follows.

Disk Space 250 GB
Bandwidth 2000 GB
Free Domain Names 2
Domains Hosted Unlimited
E-Mail Accounts 500
MySQL Databases 30
Domain Forwarding Yes
Sub-Domains Yes
Marketing Package Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $9.95 /month
Free Setup Yes


Dedicated Hosting

NetFirms offers Dedicated Hosting by the name of Enterprise Hosting, the plans being referred to as ENTERPRISE ONE™, ENTERPRISE TWO™ and ENTERPRISE THREE™. Their Enterprise plans are distinguished from Dedicated server plans of other web hosting companies by their trademark "Better Than Dedicated". Features list for ENTERPRISE ONE™ plan is as follows.

Disk Space 60 GB
Bandwidth 1500 GB
Free Domain Names 5
Domains Licenses 25
Clustered Server Technology Yes
Operating System Linux /Windows
Dedicated IP Address Yes
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $49.95 /month


Reseller Hosting

Whether you're a web designer offering hosting to your clients or a web entrepreneur reselling as a business, NetFirms Reseller plans are the world's best choice for managing multiple hosting plans under one account. The company offers two reseller plans namely MultiPro 6™ and MultiPro 12™.

MultiPro 6™
Disk Space 6x20 GB
Bandwidth 6x750 GB
Free Domains 6
Sub-accounts 6
Domain Forwarding Yes
Multiple Websites 18
Rock-solid server / network reliability Yes
Purchase Price $39.90 /month
Free Setup Yes


Features vs. Cost Analysis

NetFirms's Plus plan is available for only $4.95 per month and includes 10 GB of disk space, 500 GB of transfer, subdomains and a marketing package and is also backed by a 30 day moneyback guarantee. However their Advantage Hosting plan is better as compared to the Plus plan in that it includes 25 times greater disk space and 4 times greater bandwidth, and also includes 2 free domain names plus the option of hosting unlimited domains on 1 account. Previously, the company used to offer only one year plans in contrast with other companies which have plans for a two-year period and with a smaller price per month. However, they are also now offering a 2-year billing option which reduces the price of the plan to an even lesser price of $8.95 a month. The features vs. cost analysis of the reviewed web host and its comparison with others reveals that BlueHost is a better alternative because it offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth as well as unlimited email accounts for only $6.95 /month.


Customer Support Channels

NetFirms offers a multiplicity of support options including an extensive knowledgebase and flash tutorials which are capable of addressing the majority of issues. They also have a search tool to find relevant information but it is not that sophisticated and often gives fallacious results. The direct support options include all the traditional channels like toll-free support and e-mail support. The e-mail support is a bit slow and this is probably due to the fact that the company has over one million customers. So it's not possible to respond to all the requests although they have a sufficiently large support staff. They also have an online chat support but that is not too responsive as well.


Speed & Reliability

Unlike their competitors, NetFirms takes a cluster based approach to web serving. They maintain a pool of servers to handle requests coming to your Website. When a request is received by their network, it is directed to a server within the pool. If any server goes down, the others will pick up where it left off, thus providing virtually endless uptime for your site. The company's connections are very high speed because they are connected through OC-48 directly to Telus/Genuity and MCI/Worldcom, one of the largest IP networks in the world, which means that your site will have plenty of bandwidth for fast up and downloading.



NetFirms recognition in the web hosting industry is as a small business web host with affordable prices and great speed and reliability. They are very dynamic in that they continuously strive to make their packages more and more attractive by adding new features. All of their plans include a free domain name, marketing package and website builder software. But their hosting plans are not the best value for your money because there are other better web hosts like WebHostingPad which offer a far greater number of features for the same price. Nonetheless, as regards the reliability and reputation of the reviewed host, they are highly dependable and stable and will be around for years to come. Sign up today!


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