MyHosting was formed with one simple goal in their mind, the provision of hosting services to clients that are not only affordable but also reliable. They are responsible for hosting 50,000 domain names across the world, and continue to excel because of their ability to offer an unmatched level of service and value. The history of the company dates back to the start of the year 1997. They are a registered trademark and brand of SoftCom who have their headquarters located in Toronto, Canada. The company stands ahead from the rest of the crowd by utilizing by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology from gigantic companies such as Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Intel Corp., MCI Canada/Verizon business, VSNL international, Tucows Inc. and Network Solutions.


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The Myhosting Difference

In order to survive in the present technological age, it is essential that a company has a tightly integrated information system network along with a well-established presence on the World Wide Web. MyHosting understands how important it is to provide their customers with state-of-the-art Internet technologies in their web hosting products. They are also well aware of the importance of customer service industry as competitive as web hosting.

Commitment to provide their customers with the best web hosting and collaboration services is a distinguishing attribute of the company. They work continuously in order to improve upon all aspects of their hosting service so as to ensure that their clients make the best out of the latest offerings of today's technology. There are plenty of reasons to choose the reviewed host. Some of the most outstanding ones include a pleasant hosting experience, look nowhere else shopping, a steady economic growth of the company, strong relationships within the hosting industry, an unparalleled uptime guarantee, an unmatched level of reliability, redundancy, and security, excellent customer support, a large pool of satisfied customers, knowledgeable staff, and a moneyback guarantee to back their hosting plans.

MyHosting is one of the most experienced web hosting and e-mail hosting company with more than 12 years of experience within the field. They are the leaders in innovation and love to stay on top of their customer's needs. They understand the varied needs of their customers and know that some of them may be looking for exchange e-mail and SharePoint hosting, others may be looking for Linux hosting with MySQL or Windows hosting with MS SQL, and there may be yet others who are looking for virtual private servers. Consequently, their customers have the advantage that they can get any kind of service under one roof without looking any further.

One of the biggest advantages of MyHosting is that it is fully owner operated. This means that they are absolutely independent in taking their decisions and do not have to rely on others as is the case with reseller web hosts. The result is that they are in complete harmony with the requirements of their customers, which means that they can get the job done right the first time. Because of the record economic growth that the company has been experiencing since its inception, they are able to reinvest a great deal of their profits into purchasing new technologies, building a better infrastructure, and even hiring employees with a higher skill level. What this means for the customer is continued innovation in not only the front-end and backend software, but also in the hardware maintained and operated by well-versed personnel.

The company has developed strong ties with some of the leaders in the technological industry such as Microsoft, Research In Motion as a Blackberry Alliance member, Dell, Cisco Systems and Network Appliance. This means that their customers can leverage their knowledge with these top-tier providers so as to ensure the best hosting solutions for them. They guarantee a 100% server uptime and network uptime for their clients. For each single hour that your website gets a service interruption, you are guaranteed to get a full day credit with this service level agreement.

MyHosting continues attracting new clients through word-of-mouth advertising by their existing customers, which means that they can invest less on advertising and more on their hosting technology and support staff. This loyalty of their customers is because of their focus on customer satisfaction. The company is able to achieve this owing to their reliable service and knowledgeable support staff which can give the customers what they need because of their more than 12 years of experience within the industry.

The company has one of the lowest employee turnover rate within the hosting industry. This is because of their passion for web hosting and to serve their customers to the best of their abilities. In the rare cases when they need to hire new employees, they make sure that they also share the same passion that they have. All services offered by the company are backed by a 30 day moneyback guarantee which is an indicator of their confidence in their hosting services.


Website Administration - Control Panel

Boasting an extremely user-friendly interface, the MyHosting control panel gives the clients complete control and flexibility over all aspects of their hosting account. They built their control panel in partnership with Parallels®, so it offers all the tools needed for effective website administration. The "My Account" section of the control panel allows the administrator to manage access permissions to other users. It also allows easy modification of ownership and contact information, current subscriptions and details, e-mail and control panel users and roles, loving histories and password management, as well as administrative data store for use with service configuration.

The "Site Management" section of the control panel allows the administrator to manage all the settings, tools and features such as management of mailboxes and resources, e-mail security settings, file manager, website statistics, as well as application installers. Furthermore, there is the "Domain Name" section which allows administrators to view their domain name portfolio, register or renew a domain name, modify the DNS settings, as well as add new subdomains. Finally, the "Billing Manager" allows the modification of billing details as well as addition of extra features as and when needed. This may include instant SSL certificates and other additional resources such as hosting, exchange or other feature subscriptions.


Packages Offered

The reviewed web host offers Shared Hosting, Email Hosting and VPS Hosting.


Shared Hosting

MyHosting's Shared Hosting plans include Linux based Basic and Linux & Windows based Premium and Professional.

Disk Space Unlimited
Data Transfer Unlimited
Free Domain Yes
Domains Hosted Unlimited
Dedicated IP Address No
MySQL Databases 3
E-Mail Accounts 10 (2 Bundles)
Control Panel Parallels®
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $4.84 /month!
Free Setup Yes


Email Hosting

MyHosting's Email Hosting plans include Basic Email Bundle, Mobile Email and Mobile Email + Outlook.

Basic Email Bundle
Number of Mailboxes 5
Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 Yes
Free Domain Yes
Mailbox Size 1 GB
Outlook Web Access Yes
Google Anti-Spam and Virus protection Yes
Account Activation and Setup Yes
Auto responders Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $3.55 /month
Free Setup Yes


VPS Hosting

MyHosting's VPS Hosting plans include Developer VPS, Business VPS, and Reseller VPS. You can also get a customized VPS system configuration starting from $15.76 /month. The specifications of the most popular VPS plan are as follows.

Disk Space 40 GB
Data Transfer 600 GB
CPU 1.13 GHz
Domains Hosted 10
Dedicated IP Addresses 1
Parallels Plesk 10 Domains Control Panel Yes
Linux CentOS or Debian Yes
Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python Yes
Full Admin access with Full Rights Yes
SSH Access to Shell Yes
99.9% Hardware and Network SLA Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $18.55 /month
Free SetupYes


Features vs. Cost Analysis

A quick glimpse at the web hosting services offered by the company along with an analysis of the price charged for each hosting category reveals that MyHosting is highly affordable as compared with the rest of the companies included within WHL. Their shared hosting plan goes for only $4.84 per month, the price being very similar to that charged by FatCow. The disk space, bandwidth, as well as the total number of domains hosted is unlimited which is the same as that offered by Fatcow. Fatcow however does have the advantage that it offers ShopSite Online Store which includes an SSL secure server ideal for e-commerce applications. A limitation of Fatcow however is that it offers only Linux based hosting service, whereas MyHosting also offers Windows-based hosting in its higher-level shared hosting plan Premium. A total of 3 MySQL databases are included within the Basic shared hosting plan, so if you need more MySQL databases you may want to consider either FatCow or WebHostingPad. The professional e-mail hosting solutions offered by the company are also highly affordable,with the Basic Email Bundle starting at only $3.55 per month. On the VPS hosting side, the company also appears to be very affordable by offering its LAMP VPS hosting package for only $18.55 per month.


Customer Support Channels

MyHosting's customer support is different from the bulk of other hosting companies that can be seen on the World Wide Web. Providing their customers with the best possible support is their top priority, and this commitment of theirs does not end as soon as the client has pressed the checkout button and purchased their hosting plan. Their customer support as well as account management teams are based in North American offices. They are available 24 x 7 x 365 via phone, e-mail as well as live chat. They are well aware of the fact that their clientele is spread all over the world, so they make sure that they are available when their customers need them. Their technical support team is always ready to resolve any hosting issues that the client may encounter within the shortest possible time. They offer an under one 1 e-mail response along with an under 2 minutes phone response guarantee as well.

They also have an extensive knowledge base of frequently asked questions which can be searched for solutions of some of the typical problems their customers have encountered over the last 12 years. Furthermore, they also have a community forum where people can get support from their existing users as well as submit any new ideas for consideration. Finally, they also maintain a blog which is frequently updated with interesting posts and goes a long way towards supporting their pool of customers.


Speed & Reliability

High availability as well as full redundancy is a distinguishing attribute of the network and hosting infrastructure at MyHosting. A state-of-the-art switch and data data center located in Toronto, Canada houses all of the equipment owned by them. Their web servers are connected directly to a world-class fiber optic network which guarantees a superior experience to the client's website in a fully redundant and secure environment. By combining bundles of fiber optics with the redundant network on multiple tier 1 service providers, their network is able to generate alternative pathways for the transmission of data. This maximizes the throughput speed and capacity of each strand of fiber-optic cable. The result is a fast and reliable network connection with the latest physical and network security measures, which gives a total peace of mind to their customers.

MyHosting is different from the majority of other companies offering low-cost hosting solutions in that they don't try to increase their profit margins by cutting down on the cost of the equipment needed. They use best of the breed equipment from top notch hardware providers to ensure that reliability is not compromised at all. Redundant Cisco network equipment along with latest Dell servers and network appliance storage units are used to host all of their e-mail and collaboration solutions.

The company is proud to use the best server technology available and emphasizes much more on their subsequent maintenance. All the servers run Dual Quad Core Processors with 16 GB RAM and are also backended with NetApp Storage arrays. To cut it short, the web server technology at the company truly represents the best in speed, reliability as well as performance.

MyHosting is well aware of the significance of the confidentiality of the data that their clients host with them. For this reason, they have put strict security measures in place such as card access, around-the-clock security personnel and uninterrupted CCTV coverage of their buildings. They are also cognizant of the fact that access to the data center can also be virtual. Consequently, they provide an unparalleled level of security via virus protection, enterprise class firewalls with a layered architecture, real-time security alerting using intrusion detection scanners, and 24 hour monitoring from their Certified Information Systems Security Professionals. This is a source of much comfort for their customers and they can rest assured that neither unauthorized personnel nor hackers will ever be allowed to come into contact with the servers holding their data.

One of the key objectives in the development of the company's data center was to ensure that power remains available without any interruption. To achieve this goal, they have deployed not only a state-of-the-art UPS system in their data center but also a diesel powered generator which can sustain the power even in the case of a failure. The result is that the hosting services offered by the company are not only reliable but are also available 24 x 7 x 365.

In order to ensure that their web servers operate under optimal conditions, the company has deployed a very rugged HVAC cooling system. The HVAC system comprises multiple A/C units which provide cooling and humidification to the rooms and are designed to maintain 100% load redundancy. The A/C units are capable of maintaining the room temperature between 21°C and 24°C and the relative humidity between 45% and 55%.

MyHosting uses the FM-200 fire suppression system, which is not only environmentally safe but also non-toxic and rapid-acting. The FM-200 suppression system was developed as a replacement for Halon 1301, which was known for its negative impact on the ozone layer. The main function of the suppression system is to detect any fire hazards and suppress them before the pre-action system is activated. This has the advantage that in the event of a fire, the damage to the equipment located within the data center is minimal, which is not the case with a water-based fire suppression system.



MyHosting is an extremely versatile web hosting company offering a myriad of services ranging from shared hosting to email hosting to VPS solutions. They are a well-established company that has been operating for almost 13 years now, so their credibility is undisputed. All the different genres of services offered by them are not only affordable but are also backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. If you're looking for professional web hosting services, look nowhere else. Sign up today!


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