In the year 2002, Jumpline recognized the emphasis laid down by their customers to increase the security and robustness of the web hosting platform and consequently based the central framework of their hosting platform on the Virtual Dedicated Server technology (VDS) introduced by Sphera. This innovative step has enabled the company to make a big leap and proved it to be ahead of the other numerous prevalent hosting companies in that the utilization of virtual dedicated servers has set the standard for future shared hosting solutions by taking security to the next level.

The distinction of Jumpline in providing virtual dedicated server hosting has enabled this company to be clearly distinguishable from the multitude of hosting companies in the market. This has also played a major role in the dedication of their team to provide the best possible experience to their customers, be it the customer support personnel or the systems engineering division. This is a source of much comfort for their customers because they are well aware that their websites are in the hands of people who have only one objective in their minds, to care for the websites of their customers just as they do for their own sites and to continue to enhance the level of services at the lowest possible price.


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The Jump Line Difference - VDS Technology

It is imperative to have a clear idea of the hosting technologies provided by a vast majority of the competitors of Jumpline in order to clearly capture in your mind the concept of virtual dedicated server technology. This competitor web hosting technology is the one commonly available in the market and comes under the name of "Virtual Hosting" technology. The main drawback of the "Virtual Hosting" technology is that all the websites are hosted on the same web server thereby sharing the server as well as the mail server. The Web server uses a single software for the management of all the websites hosted on it. Worst of all, they are all stored in the same directory. The vulnerability of such a system to external threat is very high. In the case of a compromise by any hacker or any other external intrusion, the whole system would be affected and the security of all the websites hosted on it will be at stake. Obviously, the "Virtual Hosting" environment also does not enable the website owner to install any custom applications on the machine because access is restricted only to the web hosting account associated with that customer.

The VDS technology on the other hand basically gives customers access to their own UNIX environment. Because of the use of this technology, a single Web server is divided into virtual servers by making use of the virtual dedicated server software. This makes possible the operation of one website completely independent of the operation of the others because each is now hosted by a virtual dedicated server residing on the same physical server. There is a separate folder for each website created by the VDS software which gives it complete autonomy. The level of security resulting from such deployment is unparalleled and cannot be imitated by the "virtual hosting" environment because in the case of an external intrusion, only a single VDS server would be compromised and not all the VDS servers residing on the same physical server. Additionally, VDS customers have complete access to their virtual server and they can install any custom applications they want as well as divide their VDS server further into additional "Virtual Hosting" accounts as and when required.

The original developer of the VDS technology is Sphera Corporation, a leading developer of software for website hosting automation and management meant for web hosting companies.


Website Administration - Control Panel

Jumpline offers its hosting packages with 2 control panel options to choose from, namely Plesk and CPanel. CPanel is the most common control panel offered by various hosts and includes 35 quickly accessible functions. These functions can be further broken down into file management, e-mail administration, disk space usage, web forums, statistics, add-on domain name management, SE submission, online system security etc. Furthermore, CPanel includes Webalizer which is an excellent web site statistical analysis application and can provide a deep analysis of the traffic a site receives.

Plesk is a state-of-the-art control panel quite different from the common Ensim or CPanel. The control panel is highly flexible and is ideal for accessing servers so as to add, delete, modify, or make any kind of changes to a website. Plesk comes with a simple point-and-click GUI and can be easily used by anyone with no HTML or programming language knowledge, the only thing one needs to know is the use of a mouse. The latest version Plesk 8.3 also includes extended functionalities such as automated server control as well as expanded administration features that make life a whole lot easier by saving considerable time. Plesk can be used to administer either shared, virtual or dedicated hosting servers. It has 4 login levels namely Administrator, Reseller, Domain Owner and Mail User each with its own roles and responsibilites. By automating a variety of tasks, Plesk allows service providers to minimize operating costs and resources and also increases profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Packages Offered

The company offers Shared Hosting, VDS Hosting, VPS Hosting as well as Dedicated Server Hosting plans. VDS hosting plans namely J1-VDS, J2-VDS, J3-VDS, J4-VDS and J5-VDS.


Shared Hosting

Jumpline offers 3 Shared Hosting packages namely Starter, Basic and Advanced. All plans can be configured on either CPanel or Plesk as per customer's requirements. The salient features of their most popular Starter plan are as follows.

Disk Space 5 GB
Bandwidth 50 GB
E-Mail Accounts 50
Plesk 8.1 Control Panel Yes
MySQL Databases 1
Parked Domains Unlimited
Sub-Domains 8
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $9.95 /month!


VDS Hosting

Jumpline's VDS Hosting packages include Name Based VDS, Standard IP VDS, Advanced IP VDS and VDS Reseller. Main features of the Name Based VDS plan are as follows.

Name Based VDS
Disk Space 10 GB
Bandwidth 100 GB
Dedicated IP/Name-based NB
Multiple Domain Hosting 16
Personal FTP Accounts 16
Email Accounts 100
File Limit 1000,000
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $12.95 /month
Free Setup Yes


VPS Hosting

Jumpline's VPS Hosting packages include VPS 256, VPS 512 and VPS 1024. The salient features of the VPS 256 plan are as follows.

VPS 256
CPU Share Equal
Disk Space 40 GB
Bandwidth 1000 GB
Memory 256 MB
Burstable Memory 1024 MB
IP Addresses 2
Overselling Allowed Yes
Purchase Price $39.95 /month


Dedicated Hosting

Jumpline's Dedicated Server packages include Base, Performance, and Fault-Tolerant servers. Summary for Base server is as follows.

Base Server
Processor Dual Core Xeon® 5110 1.60GHz
Memory 1 GB
Hard Disk 80 GB SATA
Bandwidth 500 GB
Data Backups Monthly Snapshot Data Backups
OS Linux Redhat Enterprise 4
Control Panel Sphera - 5 VDS
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $200 /month
Setup Fee $50


Features vs. Cost Analysis

Jumpline is distinguished from other web hosting providers in that it also offers virtual dedicated server hosting VDS alongwith shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. The strongest aspect of their basic VDS hosting plan is that there's not that much a difference in price due to which shared hosting from other providers might be preferred. Their Name Based VDS plan with 10 GB of disk space and 100 GB of bandwidth goes for only $12.95 per month, so there is a difference of only $5 a month as compared with the regular shared hosting price of most web hosts which is $7.95 per month. The package also offers multiple domain hosting for upto 16 domains, 16 personal FTP accounts, 100 Email Accounts plus free setup if you sign up for a full year. All of their packages include Web development tools such as Perl, Mod PHP and Python. Furthermore, they can incorporate ColdFusion MX or Chilisoft ASP into your server with an additional setup fee.


Customer Support Channels

Jumpline is dedicated to providing excellent support to its customers. Their support channels include toll-free support which is available 24 hours a day where existing and potential customers can get answers to their questions. They also have an extensive FAQs section with a very robust documentation which provides information on getting started and explains the specifications of each hosting plan in detail. Their toll-free support is very fast and responsive. However their e-mail support is a bit slow and requires some effort on their part.


Speed & Reliability

Jumpline's servers seem to be quite reliable and only a handful of customers have reported the server to be down during their one-year hosting with them. This is possible because of their state of the art data center. The company's connectivity boasts 4 OC-48's combining to form an unbelievable OC-192 capacity with 4 levels of redundancy. When Qwest's network reaches its fullest capacity—trillions of bits per second—it could transmit the entire contents of the Library of Congress coast to coast in 20 seconds.



Jumpline is a premium web host which has one of the fastest connections on the market. Their packages are cheap keeping in view that they offer virtual dedicated server hosting instead of shared hosting. The packages also offer enough space and generous bandwidth with lots of additional features which make them very attractive. They have an excellent support system and they handle their customers with utmost care. The reviewed web host should be given a try if you need a better hosting experience as compared to shared hosting. Sign up today!


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