iPowerWeb ranks among the top web hosting providers in the world. Their hosting solutions are all-inclusive with multiple website promotion tools which can be exploited by small business enterprises to develop a highly profitable online presence. Putting total emphasis on customer's perspective, their innovative and diverse range of hosting plans is the first choice of web developers, web designers, small business enterprises as well as webmasters looking to create a successful web designed website. Their most popular and best selling hosting plan is Business Pro. Because of high speed, reliability and security, they have become the number one choice for people across the globe and the number of websites they have hosted to date exceeds 100,000.

iPowerWeb customers never have to compromise quality on their affordable hosting solutions. Their alliance with AT&T, Wireless and Cable has enabled them to utilize state-of-the-art hosting equipment such as HP ProLiant and Dell PowerEdge Servers, Cisco Routers and Firewalls, and redundant bandwidth to take their connectivity to the next level. They manage two data centers of international quality that have been designed to deliver hosting environment for web, applications and data. Because of extra cooling systems and backup power systems, the data centers are highly reliable and safe from power outages as external intrusion because of multiple levels of security. Furthermore, they are connected to the Internet backbone through OC48/OC192 links for maximum possible speed. iPowerWeb is truly a next-generation hosting company, the proof of which is the number of awards it has received from the leading web hosting reviews directories on the Internet.


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Website Administration - Control Panel

iPowerWeb uses the vDeck control panel which is the same as that used by Startlogic. Previously, they provided CPanel 5 as a web site manager to their customers and their old customers are still using this control panel. However when their client base increased to more than 230,000, they decided to abandon the use of CPanel 5 and developed their own control panel vDeck.

VDeck is simple to use as compared to the control panels and it is also the most functional and versatile web site managers on the Internet today. The panel is jampacked with tutorials, walk-thrus and a help center thus allowing you to manage every aspect of your web site. If you want to build a web site or install CGI, PHP or Java scripts, vDeck control panel is the simplest and the most comprehensive one to do this. The panel is very user-friendly and the entire procedure of configuring and organizing a web site is remarkably simple. Using their own control panel also allows iPowerWeb to fix bugs or enhance functionality on their own without the need to contact the third party software developers.


Packages Offered

The company offers Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting.


Linux Hosting

iPowerWeb's Linux Hosting packages include Ready Site Plan, Pro Site and Site & Store plans. The last two plans are ecommerce hosting plans. The features of their most popular Pro Site plan are listed below.

Pro Site
Disk Space 1500 GB
Bandwidth 15,000 GB
Hosted Domains Unlimited
Free Domain Yes
Free Setup Yes
E-Mail Accounts 2500
MySQL Databases 25
Free Marketing $50 Google & $25 Yahoo credit
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $7.95 /month!


Windows Hosting

iPowerWeb's Windows Hosting packages include only one plan, the WINDOWS Pro Plan.

Pro Site
Disk Space 100 GB
Bandwidth 1000 GB
Free Domain Yes
Free Setup Yes
E-Mail Accounts 1000
MySQL Databases 5
Free Marketing $30 Google & $50 Yahoo credit
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $9.95 /month!


Dedicated Hosting

iPowerWeb's Dedicated Hosting packages include CPS 100, CPS 200 and CPS 300. The features of the CPS 100 plan are listed below.

CPS 100
CPU Intel Celeron D 3.06 GHz
Hard Disk 80 GB SATA
RAM 512 MB
Bandwidth 500 GB
IP Addresses 1
Domains Unlimited
Price $129 /month
Free Setup Yes


Features vs. Cost Analysis

Pro Site is iPowerWeb's most popular package and is available for only $7.95 a month. The plan includes 1500 GB of disk space, 15000 GB of bandwidth, 2500 POP3 e-mail accounts, SSL, CGI-BIN, MySQL, unlimited e-mail forwarding and lots of other features. A full-year payment also entitles you to a free domain. The Business Pro also includes scripts, free software, power plug-ins, ecommerce features, free marketing and promotion.

For ASP.NET developers, the company offers Windows Pro plan which includes 100 GB of disk space, 1000 GB of bandwidth, 1000 e-mail accounts, and almost all of the features of the Business Pro plan. The features versus cost analysis reveals that this plan is better than that of even EasyCGI, a specialized windows web hosting provider.


Customer Support Channels

iPowerWeb provides several support options including a detailed knowledgebase with answers to commonly asked questions, online interactive flash tutorials for getting started with your new account and e-mail support. The knowledgebase section has been effectively categorized by product, category, keywords or phrases for easy access to the information sought. Their knowledgebase is so huge because they have been in business for quite some time and have been asked the same questions over and over again. As far as e-mail support is concerned, their tracking system is very impressive and responses to e-mails are generally fast. One can login to check the status of the question or update the question after submission of inquiry.

The company also provides toll-free support for customers in the U.S. and Canada. Their response time is typically 24-48 hours. However, at times the support staff ignores certain inquiries because of the huge number of daily requests. Recently, the company has also added live chat as a support option which is expected to speed up resolving issues.


Speed & Reliability

iPowerWeb servers seem to be above average as regards the speed and reliability in comparison with the other web hosting companies. This is due to the fact that the company runs four state-of-the-art data centers which are monitored 24 hours a day by their highly skilled network engineers thereby ensuring the highest security and uptime for their customers' servers. Their Data Centers are connected to the Internet using the highest performing OC48/OC192 IP backbone available. This is also endorsed by the fact that they use best of breed equipment like Dell PowerEdge and HP ProLiant Servers, Cisco & Foundry Firewalls and Routers and premium bandwidth through their partnership with AT&T and Cable & Wireless.



iPowerWeb is the right choice for you whether you are a new or intermediate level developer. The level of their customer service support hasn't deteriorated despite their exponential growth. When the company emerged on the hosting scene, they were the only providers of large amounts of disk space at relatively cheap prices. Their hosting packages offer the same features as those offered by their competitors. Their rock solid 30-day money back guarantee is enough encouragement for anyone to try this well-established and reliable hosting company. Sign up today!


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