IPOWER, Inc., The Power Behind eBusiness, started operating in the fall of 2001, and has since then been offering website hosting solutions and other online services to small scale as well as large-scale businesses in order to enable them to take advantage of the internet revolution by building and maintaining a highly successful online presence. A broad range of services is offered by this company from website design and online marketing to domain registration and hosting as well as e-commerce tools. Right now, they are a highly profitable company well reputed for its prompt customer support. Within a very short period of time, their web hosting services in particular have gained the attention of the Internet community, with their Pro Plan emerging as a hosting package with high demand.

IPOWER Inc. represents the next generation of web hosting services and currently hosts more than 700,000 Websites in over a hundred countries across the globe. Consequently, their customers can rest assured that they will receive the best value in hosting as well as top-notch customer service. They don't operate a single data center but instead own 4 world-class quality Tier 1 Internet Data Centers capable of delivering the ultimate performance in web, data as well as applications hosting. Their focus is on pure quality and to achieve this objective, a continual research and development process forms the most critical component behind the company's success within the industry as a high quality e-business provider.


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The IPower Difference

IPOWER Inc. relies on simple fundamental principles, of which the foremost is the focus on customer satisfaction. They are extremely cognizant of the trust and responsibility their customers place in them for hosting their websites. They are well aware of the fact that their customers are the lifeblood of their business and are undeniably the sole factor in making them the one of the fastest-growing technology companies across the globe.

Setting their preferences straight, they work hard to achieve this single most important objective of customer satisfaction by providing their customers the ultimate experience in web hosting and e-commerce services. Not only do they concentrate on providing better services to their customers today, they also set futuristic goals in order to offer their customers better and more reliable services in the days to come.

Their second most important goal to achieve the primary customer satisfaction objective is to gather and maintain a team of talented and motivated professionals ready to deliver their best in order to make them a highly successful company. They already have a pool of highly skilled personnel distinguished for their abilities in performing customer oriented jobs.

Their emphasis on customer service is quite evident from the fact that whether it's their managing director or an ordinary receptionist, they are all equally responsible and ready to support their customers at all times. This straightforward approach of theirs has earned them a high recognition and credibility from their customers.


Website Administration - Control Panel

IPOWER offers the vDeck control panel which makes managing your website a breeze. vDeck is without doubt the next generation control panel for effective website administration and ranks equally with cPanel. The features of vDeck can be categorized into three main categories namely website development, website management and website marketing. The web development features included within vDeck allow one to create a professional looking website by choosing from a variety of website templates with a simple point-and-click interface. It also includes a design editor, a content manager, a graphics editor as well as loads of preinstalled CGI scripts along with integrated e-commerce functionality. The website administration functionality includes domain name and e-mail management, billing and account management, Microsoft exchange hosting, website statistics and analytics programs as well as a host of other functionality. On the website promotion side as well, vDeck is no less than a state-of-the-art control panel. Features include search engine submission and optimization services, free advertising coupons for the major search engines, management of PPC advertising, newsletter creation and distribution as well as logo design services.


Packages Offered

The company offers Linux hosting, Windows hosting as well as virtual Private server (VPS) hosting. Starter plans for each hosting type are listed below.


Linux Hosting

IPOWER's Linux Hosting packages include Starter, Pro and Pro Plus plans. The features of their most popular Pro plan are listed below.

Pro Plan
Disk Space 1500 GB
Bandwidth 15,000 GB
Hosted Domains Unlimited
Free Domain Yes
Free Setup Yes
E-Mail Accounts 2500
MySQL Databases 25
Free Marketing $50 Google & Yahoo credit
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $7.95 /month (1st Year - $5.95 /month)!


Windows Hosting

IPOWER's Windows Hosting packages include only one plan, the WINDOWS Pro Plan.

Disk Space 100 GB
Bandwidth 1000 GB
Hosted Domains 25
Free Domain Yes
Free Setup Yes
E-Mail Accounts 1000
MySQL Databases 5
Free Marketing $50 Google & Yahoo credit
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $6.95 /month!


VPS Hosting

IPOWER's VPS Hosting packages include 20 Gigabyte VPS, 40 Gigabyte VPS and 60 Gigabyte VPS plans. The features of the 20 Gigabyte VPS plan are listed below.

20 Gigabyte VPS
Disk Space 20 GB
Bandwidth 1000 GB
Hosted Domains 5
Parked Domains 9
Free Setup Yes
MySQL Databases 5
OSs/Control Panels Debian 4, VZPP and Plesk 8.3
Free Marketing $30 Google and $50 Yahoo credit
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $49 /month!


Features vs. Cost Analysis

IPOWER is very cost effective and without doubt falls within the category of cheap as well as economical web hosts. Their most popular Pro plan gives 1500 GB of space, 15000 GB of data transfer, ability to host unlimited domains, 25 mySQL databases plus $50 worth free of advertising credit on both Google and Yahoo. All this is available for a meagerly $4.95 per month which is a deal. Their Windows hosting plan is also very competitive with respect to both features as well as cost even when compared with other web hosts that deal only in Windows hosting.

Their hosting plans also include Google Webmaster tools which provide an in-depth insight into how Google views your website thereby allowing you to take corrective steps in order to improve your site traffic. The CM4all website builder included with the hosting plans is an ideal tool for creating and designing a website seamlessly. There is also an option of enhanced site builder tools for advanced customers.

Their Pro Plus package is also unique in that it gives 3 free domains for life as long as the website is hosted with IPOWER. On top of this, the included marketing tools are jampacked with information ideal for novices to successfully promote their website on the Internet.


Customer Support Channels

Honesty, integrity, fairness and loyalty to customers are the 4 top priorities of IPOWER and their whole business strategy revolves around these objectives. They are committed to delivering total customer satisfaction and are ready to surmount all obstacles to achieve this goal. They offer a variety of customer support channels including a comprehensive knowledgebase of frequently asked questions, 24-hour live toll-free technical support, live chat support as well as ticket-based e-mail support. Because the company gives them the top priority, consequently their customers tend to stay with them.


Money Back Guarantee

The reviewed web host is committed to making the web hosting experience of its customers the best it can be and they strive hard to achieve this objective. However, they are also aware that there might be circumstances when the customer has different needs or may simply be not satisfied with their services. In any case, they are ready to refund the full money to the customer when demanded within the first 30 days.


Speed & Reliability

IPOWER's speed as well as reliability is beyond question. They operate 2 data centers in Boston, MA which collectively occupy a space of 2400 ft² comprising 800 servers and half petabyte storage. Both these data centers have the same network architecture and equipment and are truly state-of-the-art with 24-hour security surveillance. The company's network infrastructure consists of a pooled server environment, consequently on an access request for a website files, virtually any of these servers can fulfill the request. This server redundancy implies that the customer's website will always be available as well as load with a faster speed and guarantees minimum service interruptions as compared with traditional hosting infrastructures. Furthermore, these servers are also backed up alternative storage units that have a copy of the data on the original server which can be used in case of disk failure. Their servers process approximately 5.5 gigabits of storage per second.

The company's front-end network comprises dual redundant M7I routers as well as 2 firewalls making use of IDP technology cross-linked to the outside world by means of BGP border gateway protocol. Dual Big Iron load balancers parse the website data which is then handled by DELL servers categorized into application-specific pools such as Web, FTP, incoming mail, etc. The major advantage of this type of architecture is that each machine can be customized to the service performed by it which ultimately results in faster and reliable services.



IPOWER is a well reputed web hosting provider that offers high quality solutions at a fraction of the cost. Their state-of-the-art data centers guarantee the maximum speed as well as reliability. They have been in business for more than 7 years and have experienced explosive growth within this period primarily because of their emphasis on customer satisfaction. They value their customers and strive hard to deliver them the best value in web hosting. They also offer a 30 days money back guarantee which makes signing up with them absolutely risk-free. Sign up today!


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