iPage has been in web hosting business since the last 10 years and have hosted business, personal, social as well as non-profit websites. They are different from the other hosting companies out there in that they treat each customer as unique, i.e. they don't consider each and every single customer to be a typical hosting customer. In order to handle this mixed variety of customers, the company offers plenty of flexibility, without the need to make things over-complex. They have built a strong reputation of being a leader in the web hosting industry by managing more than 1,500,000 domains, and hosting more than 1,000,000 websites worldwide. They have their offices in six locations worldwide, with their 800 employees ready to serve their customers in more than 150 countries.

iPage focuses a lot on the three major issues that their customers are more concerned about, i.e. their websites, their email and their online security. They are aware that you, as a customer, have plenty of options when you're planning to develop your new website. They, therefore, support all these options to ensure that you can create your online presence in a way that is hasslefree and comfortable to you. The company offers a variety of web authoring tools ranging from online website builders to web development software such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Expressions, etc. to blogging applications that can help you write your own code. Best of all, you will be getting top-notch support from them that will make the whole process of developing your new site very easy.

In order to help novices and beginners, iPage also offers Quick Start guides and tutorials. The site builder that they offer has more than 100 templates with the number increasing steadily. They also have 20 easy-to-use scripts and applications for their hosting customers in-store, but they have developed lasting partnerships with other industry leaders such as VeriSign, Google, and ShopSite. When buying web hosting for a new site, most people fail to realize that e-mail is the lifeblood of their communication and that it needs to be secure, fast, efficient, and spam free. iPage is aware of the importance of e-mail for an online business and consequently, they perform extensive testing in order to ensure that communication via e-mail is quick and easy as well as a rugged (spam free). For small businesses, the company includes the latest version ofAtMail, unlimited mailboxes and forwarding accounts, and comprehensive spam management whereas for enterprises they also offer the option of upgrading to exchange hosting.


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Key Benefits of IPage


(1) A Customer-centered Company

The focus at iPage is on improving the customer's experience and for this purpose they have a dedicated team of personnel whose job is to take care of the user interfaces. They are continually improving upon their services and they launch something new every month in order to make it easier for their customers to use their services. On top of this, they carry out plenty of surveys and extensive user testing in order to identify what their customers exactly need.

(2) Anytime Money-Back Guarantee

IPage is so confident that you're going to love their web hosting service that they back all their hosting plans by an "anytime moneyback guarantee", which is definitely the best thing about them. The majority of other leading hosting companies only offer a 30 days moneyback guarantee, with some others extending this to 45 days such as HostGator, and still others that offer a 60 days moneyback guarantee which is considered to be the highest in the industry. Compare this with the anytime moneyback guarantee of the reviewed host where you can ask for a refund at any time during the subscription period. This makes your purchase with them absolutely risk-free because the moment you start feeling uneasy with them, you can get a refund for the remaining time on your subscription.

(3) More than just web hosting

The iPage control panel is an excellent tool for developing and maintaining an online presence, however the company is more than just about web hosting. Their hosting plans give you free advertising credits on the major search engines including the search engine giant Google, tools for optimizing your website for the search engines so as to get free organic traffic, backup software, malware scanning, security applications and a whole lot more.

(4) Increased Flexibility and Control

iPage has put plenty of effort into developing tools that are suitable not only for novices but also for professionals, thereby giving them more flexibility and control over all aspects of web hosting. Instead of offering a single site builder like other hosting companies out there, they give you the flexibility to choose from a variety of site builders. The same holds true for the shopping carts that they offer, as well as blogging tools, photo galleries and a host of other online applications.

(5) Responsive Customer Support

When choosing a web hosting provider, one of the things that can never be compromised is the quality of their customer support department. iPage guarantees you that they will connect you to one of their agents in less than 2 min. whenever you need some help. You can rest assured that the support personnel dealing with your query will be someone who has undergone a series of tests and meets the quality standards at the company. At the end of the support session, their team will send you a survey in order to find out how well they have served you and to improve the standard of their customer service in the future.

(6) Reliable Website and E-Mail

The reliability of iPage owes to the fact that they deploy a pool of servers, which translates into faster access time for the websites of their customers. Whenever a visitor tries to reach your site, the first and the fastest server feeds the data to the visitor. This results in a much higher level of redundancy, which reduces access times along with eliminating service interruptions.

(7) A Network of Leaders to Benefit from

Because of their partnerships with the leaders in information technology and communications such as Google, VeriSign, ShopSite, Yahoo! etc, their customers can take advantage of incredible offers and superb deals.

(8) You Get More than What You Pay

You might have heard the age-old dictum "you get what you pay for". However, this simply does not hold for iPage. Their engineers and technicians are so creative that they keep developing new web applications that can benefit their customers immensely. Because of their continued efforts, you not only get a quality service with high reliability but also plenty of useful tools to enhance your online experience. And the best part is, all of this is so affordable that you hardly feel a pressure on your pocket.

(9) Benefit from Green Web Hosting

iPage is a strong advocate of using renewable energy resources such as wind in order to foster a clean and healthy environment. In order to ensure that their data centers and offices are capable of offsetting carbon emissions, they purchase renewable energy credit on a regular basis which are in turn used to generate more and more wind energy. What this means is that the servers, offices and data centers supporting your website are 100% powered by wind energy. This commitment to reduce carbon emissions has given the company the status of a leader in wind-energy. Their energy efficiency is equivalent to planting 2,390 acres of trees or removing 510 cars from the road. Best of all, they also allow you to use a Green Badge on your website by means of which your business can benefit from your own green marketing campaign. The Green Certificate is displayed when visitors click on the badge, certifying your site is powered by 100% renewable energy.


Website Administration - Control Panel

CPanel is the control panel offered by the majority of other web hosting providers. iPage on the other hand offers a popular alternative to CPanel, the vDeck control panel. The latest version of vDeck (version 4.0) has included many new features as compared to the previous version. And best of all, the control panel has been customized by them to make it easier than ever to manage a website, consequently it is ideal for novices who are not well versed with the hosting technologies.

The vDeck control panel boasts an easy to use website builder as well as tools to manage files from within the control panel. Apart from this, you have the ability to create as many FTP accounts as you want that can be used by you or other coworkers working on your site. You can also manage files using an external FTP client such as CuteFTP Professional. Furthermore, iPage offers you anonymous FTP which is much better in terms of security. vDeck also makes it extremely easy to access webmail, set up autoresponders, as well as configure spam settings and manage email forwarding accounts.

If you're intending to use your website for e-commerce purposes, there are again multiple options available in vDeck for setting up shopping carts, accepting credit cards etc. For many webmasters, promoting a website after it has been launched is the hardest part of setting up an online presence. vDeck also offers you plenty of marketing tools to promote your website as well as free advertising credits in the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo and social networking websites such as Facebook etc.

As far as account management and billing is concerned, vDeck offers a separate section entitled "Account Information" where you can pay your outstanding hosting bills, update the billing information, manage your password, and much more. You can set up a blogging site by installing famous blogging scripts such as WordPress, Joomla!, PHPBB etc with an easy one click install, which is a sigh of relief not only for novices but also for professionals who want to avoid the hassle of installing a blogging script. Best of all, iPage continues to improve the features available in their control panel along with adding more functionality in order to enhance the experience of their customers.


Features vs. Cost Analysis

iPage, as opposed to the other providers that offer a myriad of hosting services and plans, makes the whole process of signing up for a hosting account really simple for its customers. They specialize in providing shared web hosting services only, and they offer only a single plan which they call as "Essential". This lets them focus on their business strategy and continual improvement of their service while ensuring the customers that they will be taken care of to the maximum extent possible. Many other companies that offer higher level hosting solutions such as dedicated or managed servers often prefer the buyers of these services over their shared hosting customers simply because they pay them more money. This is not the case with the reviewed company.

The Essential hosting plan is available for only $4.5 per month which comes as a surprise to many of their prospective customers given the age and reliability of this company. The plan includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth, addon domains, as well as MySQL databases. You can choose between two drag and drop site builders, there is an included Blog and Photo gallery setup wizard, a File Manager, FTP Manager, Secure FTP, Custom Error Pages, FrontPage Extensions, Content Management Systems such as Joomla!, Drupal, Mambo, e107 etc Website Backup Software and a whole lot more.

If you plan to sell online, iPage gives you multiple shopping cart options as well as a shared SSL. Irrespective of whether you own an established site or have just opened a new site and want to give it a jump start in popularity, the included marketing features such as a $75 Credit for Google AdWords, $25 Credit for Yahoo!/Bing Sponsored Search, and $50 Credit for Facebook Advertising can go a long way towards establishing your online recognition. Plus all of this is backed by an anytime moneyback guarantee which makes your purchase with them absolutely risk-free.


Customer Support Channels

iPage offers its customers both on-site and off-site support. The on-site support channels can be accessed by clicking on the "Help Center" link on their website. These include a knowledgebase which is not only searchable but can also be browsed by different categories such as "Account Management", "Building your Website", "Domain Registration and Services" etc. The knowledgebase also offers a "Most Popular" frequently asked questions section along with a "Featured Tutorials" section that includes video tutorials for some common tasks such as configuring Microsoft Outlook as your email client, uploading files using File Manager etc.

In case the on-site support is unable to satisfy your query, you can always submit an email ticket to iPage from the same "Help Center". Here, there is a section entitled "Your Open Tickets" which asks you to login in order to view your tickets. Of course this option can work only if you are a current customer of the company. For both propective and current customers, there is a separate page entitled "Contact Us" located at the very bottom of their website. This page lists 3 channels of off-site support namely "Telephone", "Live Chat", and "Online". The "Online" section includes a "Support Console" which takes you to the same page as "Your Open Tickets" mentioned above and can be used only by existing customers. The other support methods can be used by both prospective and existing clients. The "Live Chat" option can also be accessed at the top right of the page.

Now let's have a look at the quality of the actual customer support. There are two important aspects that must be looked for in the customer support department of a specific company. First and foremost is the speed of response, i.e. how quickly a support personnel is assigned to you after having received your service request. The second most important thing is how knowledgeable the support personnel is so that your support request reaches the ultimate goal of accomplishment of your task as well as your satisfaction. The customer support department at iPage satisfies both of these requirements. Their telephone support is simply awesome and is handled by agents located within the United States, and is consequently very fast. Furthermore, the support team at the company is highly professional and has been trained to handle the queries of individual customers according to their specific needs. The result is that when you contact them, you can rest assured that there will be someone available to solve your problem no matter what time of the day it is. On top of this, they are continually improving the level of their customer support by requesting feedback from their customers no matter if it is in the form of appreciation or criticism.


Speed & Reliability

iPage is cognizant how important security is for a website and the visitors of that website. For this reason, they keep their network in a state of tight security around the clock. They have deployed a pooled structure, firewalls, database lockdowns, state-of-the-art encryption practices along with a trained and vigilant administration team to ensure that the web hosting environment is as secure as possible. The unique pooled structure offered by the company delivers better reliability and performance than the more traditional less reliable server-by-server structure offered by most other hosting providers. Their network operations center is on the lookout for any security breaches that may occur in the course of time and is fully capable of completely locking down such loopholes as soon as they become apparent.

Unlike other web hosting companies, iPage offers the SiteLock security suite at no additional cost to its customers. The security suite can be used to activate daily malware scans that can keep the site visitors safe from viruses and other exploits that might have been placed into your website by hackers. Spam scanning can also be enabled using the security suite to ensure that your e-mail is clean and does not stand the risk of being blocked. The security suite can also be used to prove that your site is legitimate and is not involved in any phishing scams by pruning to your site visitors that the domain is verified. This is accomplished by posting a security badge on your site, which shows that your site's security is being tested on a regular basis.

iPage does not rely on others for its hosting infrastructure and data centers, on the contrary it owns and operates two data centers in the Boston, MA area. The total space occupied by these two data centers is 24,00 ft.², which is used to host more than 800 servers and half a Petabyte of storage. Each center is equipped with 7/24 security and runs on N+1 power. Furthermore, both the data centers have the same network architecture and equipment. Their solid, secure network infrastructure is comprised of a pooled server environment, which gives virtually any server on their network the ability to access web site files when a request occurs. Because the first machine available is the one to serve a customer's web pages, this translates into faster loading times and fewer service interruptions than traditional hosting infrastructures. An estimated 5.5 gigabits of storage are processed per second through their servers.



To conclude with, iPage is a rocksolid company with a strong reputation of providing quality web hosting services backed by top notch customer support. They have been in business for the last 10 years, so they have their hands on the pulse of their customers. It is their customer-centric approach that has caused them to expand exponentially over the course of time and at the same time has resulted in a continual improvement of their services. Their web hosting service is very focused in that they offer only a single plan on the shared hosting platform. The plan is not only economical as compared with their competitors but also feature-rich and is backed by an anytime moneyback guarantee. Sign up today!


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