Since the last 10 years, Jonathan and Tim, the founding fathers of Heart Internet have been playing a significant role in UK's domain name registration as well as web hosting market. In the early part of 1997, seeing that the Internet was experiencing an explosive growth and the hosting technologies required a significant level of technical expertise ranging from account management to UNIX operating system skills, the two set out to bring about a drastic change. The launch of WebFusion was the first step towards achieving this goal.

The rate of development of WebFusion was extremely fast, resulting in quick enhancements and products. Subsequently, the "Virtual Control Panel" was launched which was the first totally automated control panel to be offered to the users to administer their accounts online by a British web hosting company. This was followed by the launch of dedicated servers by the company in the March of 1999 which was intended to provide dedicated server hosting to small to medium-sized enterprises. Later, a new company with the name of 123-reg was launched by Jonathan and Tim which made a significant contribution towards lowering the cost of domain registration from £50 - £2 a year.

The two quit the company in the March of 2003. By then, the company had reached the level of £14 million per year with more than 90,000 customers. The number of domain names managed by the company, shared hosting accounts and dedicated server accounts equaled 435,000, 75,000 and 4200 respectively.

Since both Jonathan and Tim were not very much satisfied with even this level of success, so they launched Heart Internet company in order to take the revolutionary approach to web hosting introduced by them to an even higher level.


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The HeartInternet Difference

Heart Internet has been striving to give a new touch to the web hosting market since the company was launched by following the principles of low-cost, maximum level of automation, increased customer control over their products, compelling products along with an efficient team of highly skilled personnel. They offer a variety of features at no cost as opposed to the other major web hosting companies thereby making their unlimited shared hosting packages and powerful dedicated server packages the number one choice for webmasters as well as small businesses. Furthermore, the kind of reseller hosting offered by them has been designed solely from the point of view of web designers and developers in order to give them a completely customizable white label reseller hosting environment. They take each and every single customer suggestion sent through their control panel very seriously which results in a serious impact on their business as well as products.

The company, as opposed to the majority of other web hosting providers, offers a "price freeze guarantee" for all its products. What this means for the customers is that they will never have to pay a price higher than the initial signup price for the life of their hosting account with them. Furthermore, there are no long term contracts and no minimum subscription term, so customers can cancel their account at anytime by simply contacting the customer services department. However, if the initial signup of the hosting account was for a 1 year term, then they will not issue a refund claimed somewhere in the middle of the year.

Heart Internet also offers a unique feature to its customers referred to as "Heart Drive", which can be used for storing important documents, photos, multimedia content or any other files for that purpose online. Its an extremely powerful as well as very user-friendly interface which makes accessing and working with files a breeze no matter where in the world the user is. The Heart Drive File Manager is very similar to the one used at work or at home and makes file storage an extremely quick and hassle-free process. All their customers have free access to this functionality. It comes with a 10 GB capacity which is divided into 5 GBs each for media and non-media files respectively. It can also be upgraded to a higher capacity as and when desired with only a small fee.

The company has implemented rocksolid security procedures for data protection by including a 256-bit encryption shielding for the files and by restricting permissions and offering added physical security of a gold bullion vault. They have deployed a cluster of servers with N+1 redundancy for complete data protection as well as backup thereby giving the customers a complete peace of mind that their files will in no way be accessed by anyone without authorization. Another unique feature offered by them is the ability to access files via a mobile phone in case the user is away from a PC or a network. Furthermore, both the computer as well as a mobile can be used to stream any kind of multimedia as desired by the user.


Website Administration - Control Panel

The control panel was introduced to the web hosting market in the start of 1998. It was Jonathan and Tim who invented the phrase "Virtual Control Panel" which later turned into a new technology and is now used across the globe. Using that initial experience, they further extended the control panel which resulted in the development of the eXtend control Panel. The latest version of this control panel eXtend 2.0 is being used currently by the company. This control panel can truly be called the world's most sophisticated control panel on the market today.

Using their eXtend 2.0 control Panel, its extemely simple and hassle-free to administer your hosting account. The web-based environment of eXtend is loaded with hundreds of features, of which even a small minority is not available in the control panels offered by other web hosting companies. This gives the user complete control over account management. The best thing about their control panel is that it is solely a product developed by them, so they are completely aware of all the ins and outs. This means that they can develop any updates or patches as and when required and don't have to wait for the updates to be released by any third party. Consequently, it results in a greater value for their customers since they will always have a product that is custom tailored to their needs. The count of the features included in the control panel is literally unlimited. Installing all the major content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress, PhpBB etc. is a matter of just a few clicks. Heart Internet has undoubtedly taken some serious efforts to take the stress out of their client's website administration.


Packages Offered

Heart Internet offers an All-in-One shared web hosting plan whose main features are outlined as follows.

Package Summary
Disk Space 5 GB
Bandwidth 300 GB
E-Mail Accounts 1000
1-click Joomla /WordPress Yes
eXtend Control Panel 2.0 Yes
FTP Accounts 1
Online File Manager Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) £2.49 /month + VAT!
Free Setup Yes


Features vs. Cost Analysis

Heart Internet is well ahead of its competitors when it comes to the number of features offered versus the price charged for web hosting within the UK. Their Starter Pro package is available for only £2.49 /month as compared with the Home package offered by 1and1 and FastHosts for a cost of £2.99 /month and £4.99 /month respectively. The disk space offered by them is 5 GB, whereas it is 1.5 GB in case of 1&1 and 2 GB in case of Fasthosts. Similarly, they also offer a generous bandwidth of 30 GB as compared with the 2 GB offered by 1&1, although Fasthosts offers an unlimited bandwidth. When it comes to the number of e-mail boxes, they offer 1000 whereas 1&1 and Fasthosts offer only 400 and 500 respectively. A £300 of Free Software is also included with their Starter Pro plan just like 1&1.


Customer Support Channels

Heart Internet offers a round-the-clock support to its customers, and they are proud of resolving customer queries within a matter of minutes and not days resulting in one of the quickest response time within the web hosting industry. The company is committed to serving its customers to the best of its abilities. Although they don't expect their customers to be unable to get their hosting product working or to be unhappy with their level of service, yet they are more than willing to refund their money. For this purpose, they have introduced a no fuss moneyback guarantee which enables their customers to claim their expenses within a time period of 30 days, excluding the price of any purchased domain names which are still the liability of the customer. Their customer charter defines four important areas for doing business effectively with their customers which include communications, billing, privacy and complaints.

The communication area guarantees that customers will receive a speedy as well as the most courteous response 24 x 7 x 365. It also stresses that all customer queries will be addressed within a reasonable amount of time. The billing area provides an online interface to existing customers in order to enable them to view their invoices as well as print them. All the financial information pertaining to a customer can be accessed through the control panel 24 hours a day. Customers also promised to receive the most accurate as well as reliable billing.

Heart Internet is the only British company which is working in order to develop an Information Security Management standard BS7799. The personally identifiable information of the customers is safeguarded to the utmost level and is stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. They do not store the data related to debit/credit cards on servers which have a direct connection to the Internet, instead they have servers with a high level of encryption for doing this. They are also fully committed to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 which gives the customer the right to view any information held by the company about them.

As far as customer complaints are concerned, the complaints section at the company guarantees that all reported complaints will get a formal response within a maximum time span of 24 hours. Furthermore, the documentation of customer complaints as well as their confirmation with the customer is also ensured. All complaints are also sent to the director for his perusal and response accordingly.


Speed & Reliability

Using state-of-the-art BGP4 technology, Heart Internet has established a rugged multi-homed network. Their servers are connected to the Internet backbone through multiple connections providers, which makes them the most failsafe web hosting company in that as soon as a connection fails, there are other connections present in the hub to immediately take all the traffic. This translates not only to a zero likelihood for losing Internet connectivity but also provides a diverse range of paths that can be taken by any packet of information to reach its final destination. Consequently, this type of network configuration is very fast since it can always avail the smallest possible path.

On the power supply and backup end, they have deployed racks which are supplied power from two different connections to the national grid. Furthermore, there are battery backup systems that can provide power immediately in case any one of these power supplies fails. The servers receive the power through UPS systems which are able to supply a clean power. Additionally, there are also 3 x N+1 diesel powered generators which start providing full power to the data center in case the mains power is not restored within 10 seconds. It has also been guaranteed by the fuel supplying companies that these generators will keep receiving spare fuel for an unlimited period of time.

Heart Internet have also deployed fire suppression systems in place, the one they use is referred to as FM200 which does not require any water for extinguishing fire. Instead, it quickly fills the whole data center with a gas which has rapid fire extinguishing capabilities resulting in no harm to the equipment. Furthermore, the use of N+1 Stultz DX Cybercool air conditioning systems results in providing a complete climate controlled environment to the data center by continuously monitoring and adjusting temperature and humidity levels. Apart from this, in order to detect any leaks in the system there are drip sensors installed below the floor. Each server rack gets a thrust of cold air from its bottom which leaves at the top in order to maximize the cooling. They also have a dedicated deployment team in order to calculate the position of each server rack so as to have maximum cooling optimization.

The server cabinets have a locking mechanism in order to keep them secure along with a cable management system with 80% mesh doors. There is a continuous surveillance facility in the data centers for monitoring and recording all activity by using CCTV cameras which can store the recorded images for up to a period of three months. There's also a secure fence with an 8 feet perimeter which surrounds the building and the gates are kept locked outside business hours. Access to the data halls within DC2 is restricted by secure fobs which can only be used by authorized staff.

The company is also extremely reliable. Their web hosting platform utilizes state-of-the-art Dell servers which is the number one choice of any market-leading company. The server platform utilizes the load-balancing technology which means that in case of failure of any server, there is always an extra server to automatically take up the load to keep the system running smoothly. One typical application of this technology appears in their mail servers, in which there is always a redundant server which comes online automatically as soon as a server breaks down and takes over all the correct configuration and workload resulting in no loss of e-mail functionality.

On the hardware side, they have two huge network disk arrays for storing all the data. There is also a complete and continuous synchronization between the array members which ensures that in case of failure of any one member, the servers continue to receive data from the rest of the array which results in a zero downtime. The implementation of RAID into the arrays makes the system even more failsafe. Furthermore, even if an entire array fails, there's also another array available which is a mirror image of the original array because of which the failure has no impact at all. There is also a complete backup system in place for each and every single array which guarantees that the data is written to tape and stored offsite. Their backup methodology surpasses the majority of the leading web hosting providers.

Heart Internet use Redhat Linux, an open-source operating system well known for its stability as well as scalability. In order to stay abreast of the changes on the Redhat system along with the security patches, they have deployed the latest Redhat technology on their servers. Furthermore, they use the enterprise version of Redhat Linux which is the most stable among all its releases which gives them maximum protection by staying up to date with the latest security patches as opposed to a great majority of their competitors. Their Windows-based shared hosting platform utilizes Microsoft Windows server 2008, which is the most advanced server operating system and has been designed with next-generation applications, networks and Web services in mind. The operating system can be used to develop and deliver extremely user-friendly applications thereby adding a great deal of value to an organization.



Heart Internet has been playing a major role in the web hosting market for the last 10 years or so. Their founding fathers enjoy a high level of repute because of the innovative ideas they have contributed to the hosting technologies. Their plans are feature-rich as well as highly cost effective with respect to their competitors which makes them a very smart choice for the UK web hosting market. Furthermore, their domain name packages also seem to be unbeatable from the point of view of both cost and functionality. Sign up today!


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