FatCow was established in the year 1998 with the aim of making a difference in the web hosting market for consumers fed up of the complicated jargons of this technology. The goal was to offer individuals as well as small to medium-sized businesses a simple approach for subscribing and subsequently using a web hosting service. This included everything from avoiding the complex techno stuff as well as hard to understand pricing structures usually associated with hosting plan offerings. They also wanted to ensure that their customers should get the best possible support when it comes to launching and maintaining their new websites. 

Since the last 11 years, FatCow has experienced tremendous growth and currently their brand has achieved such a high level of recognition within the web hosting community that they have surpassed the multi-billion dollar companies. Their dedicated team of staff and technical personnel have proven that old-fashioned service can still provide a level of satisfaction that is far beyond the reach of complicated service 'bells and whistles'. Best of all, although they are in business just like the other big companies, they take their business as a real fun which is clearly manifested in their slogan "Join the Herd" as well as other cow-related terminology. They want to make sure that their customer's experience with them is as friendly and comfortable as possible.


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The Fatcow Difference

What makes FatCow different from the other numerous web hosting providers is their assurance to their potential customers and unbeatable support to their current customers. They undertake a solemn pledge with their potential customers of exactly the same type one would take before a judge in a notary public or before a solicitor empowered to administer oaths. They proudly refer to their pledge as "HeiferCratic Oath" which promises the following to their customers.

The pledge guarantees that any technical queries of clients will always be handled on a priority basis by expert and friendly staff (referred to by them as Moo Crew) at the company. They also promise that in case they fail to provide prompt positive support, they will credit the customer with one free month of web hosting service. Customers are guaranteed to receive a welcome phone call from the company within the first week of signing up for their service. Furthermore, the clients are also assured that they will receive a reply to their calls within a time span of less than 2 minutes on average every day. Such a prompt response time is seldom claimed by the other web hosting companies, but the staff at FatCow know that they can truly stand to their words. They also pledge to provide phone support based in America and guarantee that they will either resolve the customer's issues as soon as they are contacted or will give them a firm deadline for follow up. Further, they pledge that customers will always be treated in the most courteous manner at all times to make their experience with them as friendly as possible. The Moo Crew will always be tranied with the highest standards to make them as knowledgable as possible for ultimate client assistance. Lastly, they also assure customers that they will continue to improve upon their support methodology and experience by mailing them regular surveys in order to have their valuable inputs.

At the end of the "HeiferCratic Oath" there is an open challenge to all customers. That if, for any reason, they think that the Moo Crew has failed to deliver on the promises made to them, they should send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This message will be taken very seriously at their end and will initiate an immediate investigation by a Moo Crew investigator. If the investigator finds out that the complaints lodged by the customers are valid and that the "HeiferCratic Oath" has really been broken, then they will immediately be credited with 1 full month of free hosting. The exact words used by them are "If we find that we've broken our oath, then I swear on my hoof that we will provide you with an account credit equal to one month of hosting".


Website Administration - Control Panel

FatCow offers its own branded control panel instead of the widely used Cpanel or vDeck. The panel is built on H-Sphere which is an all-in-one administration tool and is quite well known for it ease of use. Users can easily setup new e-mail accounts, gain insight into web traffic's behaviour using website statistics tools, create and administer databases, manage domains and install as well as configure a host of pre-installed scripts.

The control panel boasts an outstanding outlook with a clear to understand interface in which each feature can be accessed by clicking on self-explanatory icons. For newcomers to online business who don't know much about website design, the control panel can be extremely useful with regards to both web design and development. All the features are also accompanied by in-depth help which can make the efficient use of these features quite hassle-free for anyone. Apart fron this, the extremely nice and simple layout of the tools makes finding the right tool a breeze.

For setting up a new website, the Site Delux and WebSite Creator Tools included within FatCow's Control Panel can be extremely useful. A host of templates are included within the Site Delux software to choose from and be used directly after some editing. The WebSite Creator software tool is an advanced version of Site Delux tool and is more appropriate for small businesses. It inlcudes a far greater number of templates than Site Delux and is an ideal choice for business websites. Using the Control panel InstallCentral feature, adding new content to the site is just a matter of a few clicks. The tool can be used to install and integrate blogs, forums etc. into the website by making use of the Content Management Systems (CMSs) such as Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, phpBB forum, etc.

As far as ecommerce capability is concerned, the Control Panel offers ShopSite which can be used to integrate shopping cart functionality into the site with a few clicks. This is of much value to online businesses sinces they can start doing business immediately with their ecommerce inclusive website instead of having to pay separately for this feature as with the other hosting companies. Furthermore, there is no need to be an IT guru to install this feature since the whole process is extremely easy and self-explanatory. Best of all, vendors as well as buyers can rest assured that all the transactions are 100% secure, thanks to the PowerPay security used by the company.


Packages Offered

FatCow offers an All-in-One Linux-based shared web hosting plan whose main features are outlined as follows.

Package Summary
Disk Space Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited
Domains Hosted Unlimited
Free Domain Yes
E-Mail Accounts Unlimited
Free Website Marketing $75 Search Engine Credits
Shopping Carts Yes
ShopSite Online Store SSL Secure Server, Paypal
Accept Credit Cards Yes
PayPal Shopping Cart Integration Yes
PowerPay Yes
Uptime Guarantee 99.9%
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $4.83 /month!
Free Setup Yes


Features vs. Cost Analysis

A quick glimpse at the features included with FatCow's All-in-One plan reveals that they are indeed second to none when it comes to a feature-enriched plan available at the most affordable price. They proudly use the Cow related terminology to mention the Nutrition Facts of their web hosting plan as "Serving Size: One Fat Account" and "Serving Size Per Account: Unlimited Domains". This means that the plan offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email accounts and the ability to host as many domains as required. It also includes a FREE domain name, WebSite Builder and a "Script Barn" which can be used to automatically install and configure all the commonly used CMSs such as WordPress, phpBB, Joomla etc along with other useful scripts needed by a website. Furthermore, the plan also comes bundled with shopping carts, an SSL secure server, unlimited FTP user and subusers accounts as well as $75 worth search engine marketing credits at no additional cost along with round-the-clock technical support and 30-day moneyback guarantee. What else can be wished for in a web hosting account?


Customer Support Channels

FatCow has all the required support channels needed for quick and efficient communication with their potential and existing customers. These include a toll free number 888.278.9780, live chat support as well as ticketed email support 24/7/365. The offline support resources include a Knowledgebase, detailed FAQs section, Tutorials, Web Site Help, Domain Help, E-Mail Help as well as an Additional Resources section which includes links to useful website tools and gadgets. Although searchable, their huge knowledgebase is also divided into Account Management, Domain Registration and Services, E-Commerce Services, E-Mail Services, Marketing Services, Referral Programs, Reseller Programs, Scripting, Site Add Ons and Web Site Management sections for quick and easy access to relevant help topics. The FAQs and Tutorials sections are also similarly sorted into more or less the same categories as the knowledgebase. Their customer support is the driving force behind their phenomenal growth which has ranked them equal and even higher than some other mega hosting companies. They are proud of serving their customers to the best of their abilities and to ensure that the level of their support remains consistent and optimal, they have also included it as a guarantee within their "HeiferCratic Oath".


Speed & Reliability

As simple as conceivable on the web hosting product presentation and usability side, FatCow is equally sophisticated on the technology field. This is attested by their two state-of-the-art data centers located in Boston, Massachusetts. The two data centers collectively cover an area of approximately 2400 sq. ft and contain 800 web servers storing half a petayte of data. The power supply system, network architecture as well as equipment is the same for both the centers. Both utilize dual A/C and D/C power sources with N+1 redundant power and employ round-the-clock security measures. Their network infrastructure is no less than the multi-billion dollar hosting companies and is based on the solid reliable pooled server environment. This translates to faster access times as well as negligible service failures for their customer's websites because whenever a request to serve a website's pages occurs, there are multiple machines on the grid so that the first available machine will server the data to the web site visitor.

Their front-end network comprises dual redundant M7I routers as well as 2 firewalls utilizing IDP technology cross-connected to the globe with BGP border gateway protocol. They employ DELL servers designed to hangle each application separately such as web data, FTP data and email data. These servers are also used to manage website data which is parsed using dual Big Iron load balancers. The advantage of using such an architecture is greater customization of every single machine to the type of task it is allocated to, which ultimately results in more density per box to give faster and more reliable services. The service pools are not entirely dependent on any single rack which means they will continue to run even if a rack's switch malfunctions or it power is interrupted. All the machines are equally capable of accessing the customer's data, thanks to the network-attached storage deployed at FatCow. As already mentioned, the machines are all clustered so there is always a machine available to take over seamlessly no matter how many primary unit failures occur. Furthermore, there is a group of additional network storage units connected to the clustered machines which are used to regularly backup the data which can be used in the event of a disaster. The data processing volume of their servers has been estimated to be around 5.5 Gbs/sec.



FatCow has been in business for more than 10 years now. Their dedication to make web hosting for their customers as simple and affordable as possible has made them rank higher than the other major players on the scene. Their All-in-One plan is feature-rich as well as highly cost-effective when compared against other hosting providers. Their "HeiferCratic Oath" is a solemn pledge guaranteeing consistent support and best value hosting to their customers at all times. They take their customers very seriously because they know they are the life-blood of their business success. Your trial of the company is one hundred percent safe, so you have nothing to lose at all. Sign up today!


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