EasyCGI is a windows web hosting provider that came into being in the year 1998 and has since grown exponentially and has become a highly competitive windows based web host. Starting as a new hosting service nine years ago, the company had to face enormous competition within the industry, however the place where it ranks now has proved that this company has a tremendous potential to deliver highly reliable hosting solutions demanded by a large segment of customers.

The key to the success of EasyCGI is the development of highly flexible shared hosting solutions by the company. Based upon this fundamental innovation, they have continually been able to offer the best set of features along with the latest web technologies as soon as they become available. Their control panel puts their customers in total control of managing every aspect of their hosting plan no matter where they are. They have three levels of shared hosting plans which can satisfy the needs of a broad range of end users. This leads to the ultimate level of flexibility as well as reliability over all aspects of account management.

As opposed to many other windows hosting providers that hire data centers from third parties rather than using their own, the data center of the reviewed web host is located within their own corporate headquarters, so it is easily monitored and maintained by them round the clock. This enables them to have an idea of what kind of problem might have occurred as well as to fix it before it's too late.


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The Easy CGI Difference!

EasyCGI has set three major goals mainly the usage of cutting-edge technology, low pricing and dedicated customer care and these have played a vital role into making their business flourish since they were established. They have also set certain targets for the future, the most important of which is to become a leader within the industry by providing services to a steadily growing clientele and at the same time continuing to increase their revenue. Since there are innumerable windows hosting companies claiming to be the best affordable web hosts, it's very difficult for the potential customer to choose the right one that can provide the best possible service and customer support. The company is determined to deliver their customers the coolest hosting experience ever.


Website Administration - Control Panel

EasyCGI's control panel has certain weak points, the most obvious of which is its limited ability to perform certain tasks. The control panel is very elementary and is deficient in advanced features such as the ability to make directories CGI readable and web design tools. However if a control panel is relatively unimportant to you, then these limitations can be ignored.

The Domain management section of the control panel allows you to manage your web sites, email accounts, databases, domain contacts and more. The "User Services" section enables you to view and administer your personal information, billing options and account features.


Packages Offered

EasyCGI is certainly the most affordable windows hosting company. They offer windows hosting packages for almost the same price as other companies do for linux based plans. A broad range of affordable plans from Advanced to AdvancedX4 is available to the customer. All packages are backed by their 24/7 rock-solid support. Starter plans for each hosting type are listed below.


Windows Hosting

Disk Space 350 GB
Bandwidth 3500 GB
Free Domain No
E-Mail Accounts 500
MySQL Databases 50
Hosting environment Windows 2003 /2008
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $7.96 /month!
Free Setup Yes


VPS Hosting

Processor Quad-Core Xeon CPU
Memory 384 MB
Disk Space 20 GB
Bandwidth 500 GB
Operating System Windows 2003 Enterprise Server
Domains Hosted Unlimited
E-Mail Accounts Unlimited
IP Addresses 2
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $43.96 /month


Reseller Hosting

It's easy to profit nicely from the company's reseller program, which offers discounts based on the volume of web hosting packages in your account except domain registration which costs $10 a year. The discount structure is as follows.

Discount Structure
1-5 20%
6-30 35%
31+ 50%


Features vs. Cost Analysis

One of the biggest advantages of EasyCGI is that their web hosting packages are Windows-based yet still available for a price close to that of Linux hosting companies, that is $7.96 per month. For this low price, you get a fully functional Windows hosting plan with 350 GB of disk space, a huge 3500 GB of bandwidth and 500 POP3 e-mail accounts which are more than enough to jump start your business. They offer both Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2008 operating systems which are very stable and reliable. All their plans come with ASP, MS access and access to a shared SSL certificate. Their plans are also very flexible in that features such as MSSQL and Coldfusion can be added at any time very conveniently.


Customer Support Channels

The web hosting industry is built on relatively new technologies that are still changing. A web hosting company must have the experience and knowledge to help its customers through the process without creating confusion. The company's highly knowledgeable staff is trained with exactly this in mind. They provide quick resolutions to technical problems, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business. They are capable of doing this because of the hands-on experience they have gained in the industry.

EasyCGI provides many alternatives for easy contact should a problem take place and you call for technical assistance. You can contact them directly by calling their toll-free support 1-866-EASY-CGI which is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This is the fastest way to get in touch with them for presales queries or support questions. Their e-mail support is also considered superior and effective because of the very short response time. However, their support system lacks live chat and a member forum.


Speed & Reliability

EasyCGI servers are very reliable and their uptime is close to 99.9%. They are also connected to a high-speed network which has multiple routes for transmission of information. If one route within the network fails, the data can follow the alternate path. This means that your website will always be up and running and available to your visitors. They also back up their servers regularly thereby ensuring maximum safety for your website data.



EasyCGI is an excellent web host providing Windows hosting solutions for a low price of only $7.96 per month. This is close to the price demanded by other Linux hosting companies, so the reviewed web host has a clear advantage. They have everything one might expect in a good hosting company. Their customer support is also above average. To sum up, the web host is an ideal choice for anyone seeking affordable Windows hosting with a huge amount of disk space. Sign up today!


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