Dot5Hosting is a reseller of iPowerWeb and is a relatively new web hosting company offering affordable as well as quality shared hosting services to its customers worldwide. The company also has a dedicated and professional support team to address the sales queries of its potential customers as well as the technical queries of its existing customers. They operate on the principle that if they don't care for their customers, then someone else will meaning that their customers will switch to other web hosting services if they are not satisfied with them. They offer three main hosting plans which can cater to the demands of a range of users from personal website owners to e-commerce online business users.

The company's servers are based in California and are connected to the Internet through fiber-optic links spanning more than 7 diverse backbones as well as providers of high eminence such as Time Warner, Sonet and Cogent. The security of their customer's data is their top priority. Their data centers are equipped with highly sophisticated systems such as high power UPS generators, closed circuit monitoring, electrical backups, and redundant air-conditioning systems. They are able to provide shared web hosting solutions with the maximum possible speed and reliability mainly because of their secure hardware infrastructure and redundant systems.


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Key Benefits of Dot5hosting


(1) Money Back Guarantee

All the web hosting plans of this company are backed by a money back guarantee for up to 30 days. This means that their customers can get a full refund in case they are not fully satisfied with their service for any reason and cancel it within 30 days.

(2) High-quality Branded Hardware

The power behind the web hosting servers of this company are high quality components. All their servers are either IBM or Dell machines featuring Intel dual core Xeon processors having a minimum of 2 GB of memory as well as ultrafast SCSI hard drives with RAID-1 redundancy. They never compromise on the quality of the components because they well know it that the more high-quality the components, the greater the reliability will be.

(3) Round-the-clock Customer Support

Dot5Hosting provides their customers with professional technical support 24x7x365. Their customers can rest assured that they will always find a solution irrespective of the nature of the problem they are encountering because the company's staff is ready to answer the queries of all their customers whenever they need help.

(4) Free Website Promotion Tools

The control panel offered by this web host is your one-stop guide to efficient website management and is also jampacked with website marketing tools that can give their customers a clear-cut edge over their competitors by driving highly targeted traffic to their websites. The website promotion section also includes free search engine submission for up to 40 engines, $50 worth of free advertising in Overture as well as a ranking check for the top search engines.

(5) Highly Informative Website Stats Program

The company offers its customers AWStats to get in-depth information about visitor activity on their websites. AWStats is a state-of-the-art website statistics program that enables site administrators to know important visitor data about their websites such as the number of unique visitors to their site each day, countries from where the visitors, IP addresses of the visitors, Robots/Spiders visitors (such as Googlebot and MSNBot), the visits duration, visitor's operating systems, search engine keyword activity, visitors arrived at website from external links and a whole lot more information.

(6) Included E-commerce Features

The reviewed hosting provider believes in delivering their customers the maximum possible level of service at the lowest possible cost. Consequently, while many other shared web hosting services charge their customers an extra cost for any e-commerce features they might need, Dot5Hosting plans include all the e-commerce features at no additional cost.

(7) Redundant links and Reliable Connections

The company's servers have a connectivity of 7.2 Gigabits because they utilize AT&T Local Services ring which is the backbone of a redundant and diverse network capacity. Multiple AT&T IP backbone nodes are linked to IDC through dual access routers via dual OC-48/OC-192 redundant links. Furthermore, there are lots of other options available for network services as well as back-end connectivity such as ATM, private line, Frame Relay, circuit-switching services along with IP and local-switching. The major local access providers are AT&T and some other local services.

(8) Bundled Web Hosting Technologies

Dot5Hosting realizes that in today's competitive world, a web host must be able to provide the latest web hosting technologies and their customers can rest assured that they will get all these technologies such as CGI, PHP, Perl, SSI, mySQL, FrontPage extensions as well as lots of other Perl modules bundled with any hosting plan they may buy.

(9) Web-Based E-Mail Access

The web host truly cares about the changing needs of its customers. Realizing that their customers might not always have access to a mail client, they offer a state-of-the-art web-based e-mail client which their customers can access through a browser anytime they are away from their desks. Additionally, they can also access their e-mail via POP3 e-mail clients like Microsoft Outlook as well as send e-mail using SMTP.

(10) Feature-rich Easy-to-Use Control Panel

The state-of-the-art control panel Vdeck included by this web host enables its customers to have total control over their websites and offer them all website administration options such as installation of CGI scripts, addition/deletion of subdomains, addition/deletion of email accounts, altering their catch-all email preferences, sending e-mail as well as management of their mySQL databases. Additionally, customers also have access to 78 other functions through this amazing control panel.


Website Administration - Control Panel

The company uses the vDeck control panel since it is a reseller of iPowerWeb. VDeck is simple to use as compared to other control panels and it is also the most functional and versatile web site managers on the Internet today. The panel is jampacked with tutorials, walk-thrus and a help center thus allowing you to manage every aspect of your web site. If you want to build a web site or install CGI, PHP or Java scripts, vDeck control panel is the simplest and the most comprehensive one to do this. The panel is very user-friendly and the entire procedure of configuring and organizing a web site is remarkably simple.


Packages Offered

Everyone knows that when you look for web hosting you look for the most amount of space and transfer you can get at the lowest price you can afford. Dot5Hosting combines both of these features into two simple and easy to understand plans so you can get the most from their service and not be over charged like you can be with many companies out there.


Linux Hosting

The reviewed web host offers an all-in-one Linux Hosting package whose features are listed below.

Package Summary
Disk Space Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited
Free Domain Name Yes
E-Mail Accounts Unlimited
Hosted Domains Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited
E-Commerce Tools Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $4.95 /month!
Free Setup Yes


Features vs. Cost Analysis

Like BlueHost, Dot5Hosting's plan can also be referred to as unlimited because it removes all the limits giving you unlimited disk space, unlimited transfer as well as unlimited email accounts. The plan also gives a Free domain name, unlimited MySQL databases and superb ecommerce functionality with 3 shopping carts. Best of all, these great features are available for a very low price of only $4.95 per month. The company's packages include the vDeck control panel which is one of the most functional and versatile web site managers on the Internet. Keeping in view the price per month, this web host appears to be the cheapest after 1&1. Netfirms also offers a starter package for $4.95 per month with far less features than those of the reviewed host.


Customer Support Channels

Despite the fact that web host is comparatively a new one on the budget hosting scene, the number of support options they offer is amazing. They have a detailed FAQ section, a huge knowledgebase and tutorials relating to the operation of the control panel. Their distinction in the support area is the direct support they are able to offer such as e-mail support, toll-free support and above all live chat. Their live chat support is very responsive and it's quite certain that you will get a solution to your problem within five to 10 minutes.

The great thing about all this is that you will never get that kind of a support from any other shared web hosting provider for a price of only $4.95 per month. The support options available at this price are often text-based with no toll-free technical support. On the contrary, with Dot5Hosting, if you have problems setting up your web site or issues concerning scripting, you can contact the support staff directly who is very friendly to help you resolve them.


Speed & Reliability

Being a reseller of IPowerWeb, the company's servers seem to be above average as regards the speed and reliability in comparison with the other web hosting companies. This is because IPowerWeb runs four state-of-the-art data centers which are monitored 24 hours a day by their highly skilled network engineers thereby ensuring the highest security and uptime for their customers' servers. This is also endorsed by the fact that they use best of breed equipment like Dell™ PowerEdge and HP ProLiant™ Servers, Cisco™ & Foundry™ Firewalls and Routers and premium bandwidth through their partnership with AT&T and Cable & Wireless.



Dot5Hosting is a reseller of iPowerWeb, so it's definitely a smart web hosting option giving you the same features at a much lower price. They are relatively new on the shared hosting scene, but with the passage of time they are gaining more and more popularity and their customer base is increasing exponentially. Their support is excellent which serves a great part in retaining their existing customers. Sign up today!


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