It has been more than 12 years since 1and1 initiated the promotion of a comparatively new enterprise known as BTX which had lost a lot of its money and was operated by T-Com, an enterprise which had partnership with T-Mobile. It was precisely at that time that the company struck a really genuine notion of managing the advertising and marketing program of this company close to being bankrupt which afterwards became a hallmark for 1&1. Because of the sole endeavors of 1&1 marketing and advertising program utilizing the state of the art technologies, interest began sparking in this new company and within a short span of time it adopted the business name of T-Online and became a market trendsetter in the industry.

This huge initial success spotlighted the brand of 1&1 and proved that it was a company with extraordinary brain power and had a huge potential to be a highly dynamic organization. During the same time period, the company went on providing up-to-date content for T-Online along with developing new services and methods. These included, aside from others the new KIT standard defined by 1and1 which was a new and extremely graphical user interface as opposed to those prevailing at that time. Later on, the company also invented a new telecom decoder for T-Online.

The arrival of the personal computer increased the intensely increasing demand for customer care. Consequently, the company initiated a coalition with IBM to start a new Customer Support Division for added support to its body of customers. Following this, recognizing the huge possibilities of the online marketing opportunities, the company used its skill and expertise to launch an online advertising network.

1&1 has been providing service to its customers internationally for many years. However, since the names of their clients are highly classified due to the white label business nature, they never made their names known to the public despite the fact that many of their clients hold leading positions within the web hosting industry.

It was during the first six months of the year 2000 that the company started the internationalization of its rapidly growing web hosting enterprise. As part of this multiplication program, they also launched their office in the United Kingdom at Slough which had a dedicated client care, support and sales department. Following this, 1and1 web hosting also entered the domain name market by coalition with ICANN, an internationally renowned domain registrar. The consequence of this alliance came in the form of an authorization for the company to sell .info TLD domain names during the beginning of 1980s.

The launch of the hosting services of the company in the United States of America began by the later half of the year 2003. Their new portal 1&1 was introduced with a momentous inauguration offer of up to three years free web hosting services. This was obviously a direct welcome to small businesses to take a step forward and judge the level of services offered by the company. However, it was only in January 2004 that the whole range of their products was launched. This comprised everything for almost everyone ranging from domain registration to dedicated hosting servers.

At present, the company is a highly successful and a dominant web hosting player in the hosting industry with a customer body of 3.5 million as well as a pool of 5 million registered domain names. Hundreds of personnel and programmers now offer their services under 1and1. The rate of growth of this company has undoubtedly been phenomenal since it was formed, the main reason being continued genuineness and exploration of new opportunities using state-of-the-art technologies.



 For UK-based services of 1&1, please visit 1and1 UK.


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The 1&1 Difference

The 1and1 web hosting company boasts several distinguishing features, of which some of the most prominent ones are as follows.


(1) Hosting Packages Loaded with Tons of Features

1and1 always strives to provide their customers with the maximum number of features at the lowest possible cost. Their web hosting plans are so feature-rich as less cost effective, it's a daunting task to find a competitor offering the same level of services. Best of all, their customers always get what they pay for which means zero hidden costs for them.

(2) Free Domains Included with Hosting Plans

Irrespective of which hosting plan their customers buy, they are always entitled to free domain names. There are no charges for these free domain names for the length of the time the customer stays with the company. The included free domain names can be used by the customers the way they like, i.e. they can choose to register new domains to keep with their hosting package or even transfer existing domain names to 1&1's registrars.

(3) Incredible Moneyback Guarantee

The reviewed host is probably the only one within the industry that offers a 90 days moneyback guarantee. No other web host comes even close to this, most of them offering a moneyback guarantee of up to 30 days. If for any reason the customer is not 100% satisfied with the web hosting plan, he can get a refund within a time span of three full months.

(4) Lower Domain Name Costs

No matter what type of domain name the customer wants to register (.com, .info or whatever), it's never been easier than with 1&1. Being a strong advocate of fair and honest business practices, 1and1 never plays any games with its customers by trying to make them buy any extra packages or tools for domain registration and an unlimited number of domain names can be registered.

(5) Redundant Security Measures

The company offers high-level security measures with its Linux Developer and Windows Developer web hosting plans as well as with dedicated server plans and eShops with zero added cost. The best of these security features is the GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate, which can also be purchased with other shared web hosting plans and eShops for an additional price of only $49 per year.

(6) Round-The-Clock Customer Care Services

As a 1&1 customer, you have access to an in-depth FAQs section which is a one-stop guide to answering common questions and queries related to all your web hosting accounts. Plus you can also contact their expert support personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year by e-mail or toll-free telephone.

(7) Free Included Software

All the web hosting packages of the company come bundled with free software whose value can be approximated close to some $600. The software pack is loaded with tons of tools which customers can use to design, optimize and promote their websites in order to make their online business a success.

(8) Total Website Management with 1&1 Control Panel

1&1 customers enjoy the luxury of managing and altering the settings of all their web hosting plans using a single login and password which means they have the freedom of accessing their data anywhere across the globe where there is an internet connection. This puts them in total control of their websites. A control panel has such a wide range of tools that it can take quite some time for new customers to getting used to it.

(9) Unparalleled Uptime Guarantee

The most crucial aspect of any web hosting service, i.e. the one having most serious implications is the reliability of the web host which is a direct measure of its connectivity. With a redundant connectivity of more than 18,000 Mb, 1and1 customers are guaranteed having never to worry about the uptime of their websites. This is perhaps the greatest advantage of 1&1.

(10) Rock Solid Data Centers

A state-of-the-art data center goes a long way to prove the speed, reliability and safety of a web hosting service provider. The company operates four such data centers across the globe which have redundant security and backup features to ensure that the websites of their customers keep loading at top speeds without any external malicious interruption by hackers.


Website Administration - Control Panel

1&1's control panel is perhaps the most comprehensive one in the web hosting market. It's so big and has such a wide range of options that it can actually take a while to find what you're looking for though. You can set up FTP accounts, SSH accounts, MySQL database access, email accounts and more. You can check your web site traffic and bandwidth usage statistics with the "Statistics and Analysis" link. Website Design, Advanced Applications and Password-protected Directories options can also be accessed from within the control panel. The most obvious limitation that the control panel seems to have is its slow speed. However, with the company having so many positive aspects, the speed of the control panel shouldn't be a little more than a minor inconvenience for you.


Packages Offered

The company offers Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and Ecommerce Hosting. Starter plans for each hosting type are listed below.


Linux Hosting

1and1's Linux Hosting packages include Beginner, Home, Business and Developer.

1&1 Beginner
Disk Space 10 GB
Bandwidth 300 GB
Free Domain Yes
Domains Hosted Unlimited
Subdomains 25
E-Mail Accounts 600
FTP Accounts 1
FrontPage® Server Extensions Yes
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $3.99 / month!
Free Setup Yes


Windows Hosting

1&1's Windows Hosting packages include MS Beginner, MS Home, MS Business and MS Developer. The company also offers teams a Windows based Microsoft SharePoint Hosting solution for creating, managing and building collaborative web sites.

1&1 MS Beginner
Disk Space 10 GB
Bandwidth 300 GB
Free Domain Yes
Subdomains 25
E-Mail Accounts 600
FTP Accounts 1
FrontPage® Server Extensions Yes
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $3.99 /month
Free Setup Yes


Dedicated Hosting

1&1's Dedicated Hosting packages include Root Server, Windows Server and Managed Server. Starter plan for Root Server package is listed below.

Business 1
Processor Single Core AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 2.2 GHz
Memory 1 GB
Hard Disk 2 x 160 GB
Bandwidth 2000 GB
Operating System CentOS 5 (64-bit and 32-bit)
Access Full Root Access via SSH
E-Mail Accounts 2000
FTP Access User defined
Plesk 8.3 Yes
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $99 /month
Free Setup Yes


Ecommerce Hosting

1&1's Ecommerce Hosting packages include Starter eShop, Professional eShop and Advanced eShop.

Starter eShop
Disk Space 2 GB
Bandwidth 200 GB
Domain Contact Management Yes
E-Mail Accounts 10
Shop Designer Yes
Ebay Integration Yes
SSL Encryption Yes
Offline Payment Methods Accepted Yes
Google Product Search Yes
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days
Purchase Price (1 Year Sign up) $9.99 /month
Free Setup Yes


Features vs. Cost Analysis

Whether you want shared Windows web hosting or Linux web hosting, 1&1 has a plan catering to your needs. Their Beginner package offers outstanding value for your money with unlimited support and has everything you need to create an eye-catching web presence. The plan includes 10 GB of disk space and 300 GB of monthly data transfer for only $3.99 per month, so it's very cost-effective and is ideal for small business or personal web sites. Its 100% guaranteed that you won't find a Linux web hosting plan cheaper than this!

1and1's Microsoft Home package offers a host of features at a wonderful price. You can publish your photos or hobbies to the Internet with this plan. The plan also includes ASP features and an included software bundle for increasing your web site's functionality. The Microsoft Home package goes for only $4.99 per month and you receive a free domain name and Symantec virus protection with it.


Customer Support

Expert technical support is a distinguished feature of 1&1 and is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone and by e-mail. The contact form can be located in the help and contact section of the control panel which allows customers to get in touch with the support team via e-mail. The toll-free number also provides an excellent support option and is available 24/7/365. Their detailed and thorough FAQs section helps resolve common issues without the hassle of getting in touch with a customer representative. Customers can make adjustments to their web site, augment their e-mail features and do a lot more by reading the FAQ section.


Speed & Reliability

Because of the highly secure infrastructure deployed in the data centres of 1&1, they are able to offer an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. The company's state-of-the-art data centers have more than 21,000 high end servers whose operation is independent of any external conditions because of the redundancy added to the infrastructure by extra hard disks, multiple backup generators, gel battery power banks, dual routers and cooling systems. The 18,000 Mb connectivity to the Internet backbone allows them to deliver faster transfer speeds round-the-clock. Consequently, their customers can rest assured that multiple users will be able to have access to their websites simultaneously without any interruption which will result in faster visitor interaction.



1and1 is an uncomplicated, high speed, reliable and solid web hosting company that has the best possible packages available. Their packages tailor to the needs of everyone, so whether one is a new home user or a corporate customer searching for a fast and powerful service, it's easy to find the perfect hosting solution on their web site in just minutes. The company is also cost-effective in that their cheapest plan is available for only $3.99 per month with no setup fee and hidden charges. They're also very reliable and will be around for years to come. Sign up today!


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