WebHostLead (WHL) was conceived on 5th December 2004. WHL's vision is to provide a select database of Web hosting companies to its visitors, i.e. individuals seeking cheap Web hosting or companies seeking advanced web hosting solutions. The Web hosting providers listed on our site are the leaders in hosting technology and stand ahead of the other innumerable web hosts because of high quality service and exceptional customer support.


What Makes Us Different?

In today's world, choosing the right web host is the key to the success of online business. A good web host is your business partner in a sense that your website (your business presentation to your visitors or potential customers) lies in the hands of your web hosting provider. If your site is down because your web host is not reliable enough, you lose visitors and potential customers and consequently sales. If any script on your page stops functioning because your web hosting provider is not technically sound enough, it will leave a bad impression on your site visitors again resulting in a drop in sales. So its really important that you have a clear picture in your mind about the web hosting provider you are intending to partner with. And you should also be clear about your hosting requirements, i.e. whether you need Linux Web Hosting or Windows Web Hosting, and whether Shared Web Hosting will be sufficient for you or you need a more advanced hosting solution such as a Dedicated Server.

WHL is not just a web host review company. Its your complete solution to finding the right web hosting service. A huge database of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and explanation to web hosting terms along with expert advice on how to choose a web host make sure that you are fully aware of your requirements before you make your decision about your new web host. Impartial reviews about hosting companies are a distinctive attribute of WHL. By reading WHL's web hosting reviews, you increase your awareness about a company's background, their level of customer support, their equipment and facility location areas (Datacenters), the cost analysis of their hosting packages, their reliability and speed and many other areas requiring illumination. The question is 'how are we able to provide these impartial web hosting reviews at no cost to you?' This is how.

WHL has partnered with a number of highly dedicated and professional Hosting Review Companies who provide us with the latest and up-to-date consumer reviews about the leading hosting companies. Based on customers' review of each hosting company, WHL analyses and then determines the rank of each web host. These web hosting companies are then listed on WHL's Top 10 hosting chart and are updated on a monthly basis. WHL's web hosting reviews are rated as the industry's # 1 because they are gathered and compiled from a huge database of customers' reviews of each web hosting provider provided to us by our partner Hosting Review Companies. Since the accuracy of any survey depends on how large the sample lot is, WHL's hosting reviews are definitive and comprehensive in an analogous manner. Our staff is dedicated and professional in that they rate and review a web hosting provider by scanning hundreds of customer feedbacks and then analyzing and comparing various hosting features and prices to conclude which web host should be ranked as 1, 2, 3 and so on. By reading WHL's web hosting reviews, you are certain to make no mistake about your choice of a hosting company.

We at WHL are making our best possible efforts to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information about the leading Web Hosting Companies dominating the hosting scene. In spite of this, we never sit down and relax to start thinking that we have achieved our goal. There is always room for improvement and we continually strive to improve our methodology and level of expertise. Your feedback is very important to us and any suggestions for improvement are most welcome.


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